I Think I’ve Been Insulted…


Probably not. Probably they have to ask everyone.

But it didn’t make me happy to be asked if I “want one of the lads to carry that out” just now at the shop. ‘That’ being a 24-pack of beer that I carried to the register in one hand, put on the belt with one hand, and carried out in one hand (until the plastic started to tear).

iDJ says they ask him the same question… so I shouldn’t be frowning right now, right? Or maybe they think he is old and weak, too? I somehow can’t see a 20-year-old lad getting asked the same question.

No blame to the clerk, no hatred and I didn’t throw a strop about it, of course. It’s just a little annoying.

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  1. They are probably required to ask. There is one store where I live when they always ask even when I’ve only bought some bananas or chips. I’ll have to ask my husband if they ask him. If they only ask women, then that’s another reason why I don’t shop there much.

  2. lol You do realise for them that it is a real dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t moment. No one ever offers to carry anything up here, I think it’s quite sweet. Perhaps he / she was trying to impress you lol

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