Fifty Shades of Grey – Best Meme Ever


Second time I’ve posted this. My good friend created this way before the rubbish book that is 50 Shades became a rubbish movie. Since the rubbish movie is opening, this is what I have to say:

Don’t buy cable ties and duct tape. Help out a real grey with a sad history instead.

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  1. I’m glad someone else thinks like me! I downloaded a sample of the book onto my Kindle and didn’t manage to get through it before consigning it to the bin. I must be odd, I often find that some of the apparent ‘top sellers’ are books that I only manage the first two or 3 pages of before giving up. Yep, I’ll take a greyhound any day! 🙂

    • Himself gets me books – I asked for ‘the book everyone is talking about, not sure what it is’ and he gave me 50 Shades. I was looking for Game of Thrones, I think? Anyway, I read it all. And the next two, because at that point I was just too amused to let it go. I also read really fast so it was only a few hours of my life lost to the nonsense!

      I don’t ask for popular books anymore.

  2. Fully agree with you tho already know this one is going to be a huge hit with more to follow. I’d like women to see it for what is lurking behind the pretty imagery and haven’t read the book to already sense what the real essence is lurking… call me sensitive but i’ll take that any day over other “things”…. xox♥

  3. Best version of the movie poster ever. We have a greyhound track not far from here. Even the winners have a short run – the others – local rescue groups grab them as fast as they can. Such lovely animals….and they shed much less than Molly!

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