If You Give a Cat a Lollipop…


I still have leftover Halloween sweets/candy. Last night I was sitting in front of the fireplace, my Siamese boy Lokii on my lap (as always when fire is nearby), and I had a rare hankering for sugar. I displaced Lokii long enough to grab a Chupa Chup lollipop (or sucker, whatever you call ’em) from the kitchen, and returned to warm our mutual arses in front of the lovely fire.

Lokii – being a feline stomach on legs – wanted to know what I kept sticking into my mouth. So I let him have a sniff.

He was interested. The flavour was strawberries and cream, after all.

Most of us have heard that cats cannot taste sweet. So I wonder what, exactly, made him want my sucker so badly? What did he think it tasted like?




Because he loved it.




He looks like a demented Orc from the Lord of the Rings films.

Nom nom nom!

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  1. Aww, I love Loki.

    Maybe the sensation of it against his tongue?

    Creature 2 is obsessed with baked goods. I can’t have a muffin or such without him going crazy. Weirdo cat.

    • Quality is rubbish, so sorry about that! I spent ages with an app making them less dark. But I laughed my hole off at the last few, no drink on board at all! He has such an expressive little face when he is determined.

  2. Bizarre. There is no end to what cats will get up to. I am just musing on how bizarre this is. LOVE the pix. Totally crazy. Made my day and it was pretty good up til I saw this!

  3. The difference between a cat and a dog and a sucker is the cat licks delicately and the with dog you have rush to the emergency vet clinic for surgery to remove the stick he’d swallowed after he sucked the whole suck out of your hand with the sucking force of 10 hoovers.

  4. To your question, if Looki doesn’t taste sweet, what does he tastes? Likely, strawberry and cream haha

    Didn’t click the link, but from what I’ve read before, the gene which enables sweet taste is deactivated in *most* (not all) cats. They likely didn’t need it, as they are meat eaters. Sweet taste is useful to herb eaters, as sugar is a necessary nutrient and is not very frequent in nature. It was never meant to be used for candies! Now that we live in a world with an overabundance of sugar, this evolution trait is somewhat of a problem for us. (The very same story goes for salt too.)

    And I’m sure you are aware that refined sugar is bad for pets. They can’t assimilate it, it’s filtered directly by their liver. It’s literally toxic to them. But the pictures were sweet 🙂

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