Laundry Wars


I have ONE CHAIR in our bedroom on which I put my clothes that are a little dirty, but not dirty enough to wash just yet. This includes my daily work clothes, which are really fuckin’ dirty after just two days but screw it, they can last a whole five days. I only have two pair of work pants that fit, and about three shirts I’m willing to destroy.

My darling dear has the ENTIRE spare room as his wardrobe; half-dirty clothes strewn all over the bed to be puked and shedded upon by the cats, his shoe collection lined up on the floor, under the bed, in the bottom of the wardrobe, and also piled on the dresser in their fancy original boxes. There is a perilous stack of shirts and trousers I’ve folded and piled up because I will wash it, and fold it, but I’ll be dammed if I’m putting it away in the nightmare he calls a wardrobe.

Did I mention the crap he tosses over the bannister ‘to air out’?

So. I get a little more than irritated when I go to get dressed in the morning and he’s tossed HIS SHIT on top of my ONE CHAIR in our bedroom.

I swear to fuck, next time he does it, I’m throwing the offending garment in the goddamn trash.

Rant over.

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  1. Oh I can so empathize with that having to run round after 2 parents, one with mental problems. The floor is the new wardrobe and my wash basket appears to have become the family one. Peronally, today, I’d be in a fuck the chair and the washing clean out a window 🙂 lol

  2. Our room only fits a bed and a wardrobe. So when my husband is away I use the foot of his side of the bed to pile my clothes, and the main part of his side for my laptop.

    And I tell you, when he comes home, folds my clothes into a pile in the wardrobe and places my laptop under the bed, I have to stop myself from going nuts. I know I’m being territorial and I don’t want to apologize for it!!

  3. We have no chair (need a bench or something…but the dog crate is huge). But the top of the dresser is a landing spot…or the window seat (or would be seat if it had a cushion…the cat enjoys the soft lumps tossed there) or the treadmill…or the huge dog crate .
    There’s a laundry basket. THERE! It’s alway there…if only those lumps tossed in the general direction but landing on the floor could only crawl into the laundry basket.
    Do not even think of complaining about the cat hair, dog hair tumbleweeds, litter rocks that dropped off here or there, or cat throw-up…How can anyone clean with all the lumps of clothing?
    Yes. Post good. YES!

  4. I’m a Dutch housewife. I don’t even put up with the Cute Engineer’s clothes on the foot of the bed for long, and he only comes overnight. I hang em up if he’s going to put them back on and don’t raise a fuss since it’s only one night or two a week; he *can* hit the laundry basket. But he lives in a group house where everyone else uses what he calls the “Floordrobe.” If he ever moves over here there will be some feckin’ operant conditioning…

  5. I don’t have that problem, I’m married to a “neat freak”. It makes him crazy when I don’t put put the empty hangers in the right order. But then he does all of the laundry and ironing so I guess I should be happy that I don’t have to do any of it.

  6. Oh I would kill him….I myself am Virgo born and virgo through and through….he would be sitting on a giant pile of his clothes on the seat in his car bwahahaaha 🙂

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