Tulips Again?


I’m amazed – the two tulips are still going strong. Opening up now, and have weathered some pretty high winds, too. I took this shot this morning before I went to work. I was late, a bit – but flowers don’t last forever. Unlike the daily grind…


Everything else is growing like mad – no flowers yet, really, but the clematis is tall, the roses are all fresh red leaves, the sweet pea never died off in our mild winter and is already taller than the wall out front… I could go on but I should have been in bed about an hour ago!

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  1. Oh my god. These are beautiful! Can I come visit one spring? All we get to see are the *pristine* flowers newly planted in their beds, and they aren’t so vibrant even.

    I think I’m going to buy another lavender and try my hand at growing it in my apartment again . (It will be the 5th.)

    If I come a warning: my husband’s Scottish… Is that ok??

      • Awesome. Being a good American I just don’t know! All I know is that his family tartan is from his mom’s side because the one from his dad’s side is really orange and someone along the way decided it should be that beautiful green. 😉

          • It’s okay. I decided a while ago with this one if they want him that bad they can have him! (And retrain him!!) plus he only ever had a British accent before but with all his moving around he has a generic N. American accent now. I’ll swoon with the Irish girls over the Scottish accents!

    • I’ll send you some rain – if the pattern changes and I can send to the west! I had purple, white, and these purple and white ones. The white all died fast, but I still have some of the solid purple and these last two variegated ones.

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