Damn, this Traffic Jam, I Really Hate to be Late


I’ve been holding on to these photos since summer 2012! I wasn’t in a blogging mood then, but it seems I’m getting back into the swing of things.

iDJ and I had driven out to Urlaur Lake, so I could go snorkelling. Unfortunately the place was jam-packed, and there were even two dammed Jet-Ski’s out on the water, rocketing around, scaring the swans and fish. Um, no: I don’t desire to have my underwater magic world soundtracked by whining engines. Plus we had Dogzilla with us, and she is terrified of children – of which there were many.


So we went off in search of something else to do. On the way, I got to experience my first traffic-jam, County Mayo style!

Don’t you just love that the cattle were being moved along by bicycle? The cows are taking up both lanes, too – clearly not too many other cars had been up or down the road recently.

(Yes, we are geeks, and R2-D2 talks when you bop him on the head.)


Interesting that the cattle had nearly all moved to the correct side of the road after passing us – except for that one big brown girl who can just barely be seen on the left. She was all about the tasty road-grass.

The white/blue-grey one with the eyeshadow that was giving iDJ the stink-eye was bigger than our Mini Cooper. Yikes.

I was in the passenger seat, repeating ‘ohshitohshitohshit’ under my breath, while smiling like crazy at the experience of seeing a herd of cattle parting around the car. ‘Don’t knock the wing mirrors off! Please…? Gooood cows, niiiice cows!’ No damage was done to the Mini – unless you count the poop-splatters acquired further up the road.

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  1. That certainly makes for an interesting drive. I like the eye shadow on the one cow. She was all dressed up and ready for her night out on the town. As far as R2-D2 goes, I think it’s an adorable dashboard buddy.

    • Of course! Hubby loves that damn car 🙂

      I once had a sheep try to commit suicide by running in between my Harley going north and a huge lorry going south. Or maybe he was trying to commit murder, as I probably wouldn’t have held out too well, either!

  2. So much more beautiful than the droves of “real California cows” we have out here. Ours look filthy and miserable. Your cows look a lot like the ones we had in rural Colorado, so shiny and colorful and healthy looking!

    Actually, in CO we’d have a yearly event where one of the roads was used to herd hundreds and hundreds of sheep, and we’d have a festival every year. I drove through the herds a couple times.

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