So, I Have to do This Now at Work…



Some jackass has stolen two of my drinks out of the work fridge. Yes, I get made fun of for my slightly passive-aggressive note. But I still have my drink at the end of the day since I started doing this.

Asshole never copped to doing it, either. I wouldn’t fuck with me either when I’m thirsty.

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  1. Haha! It’s funny, but it’s sad that you had to do this. I mean, why do people steal from others, even if it’s of low value? What’s the point?

    In my case, I’d rather walk a mile and get a Diet Pepsi, than steal a Coke Zero. But to each their taste!

    • I prefer Pepsi Max, but we can’t always find it. One of each has been robbed from me. I don’t bring ANY money to work so if I hadn’t a spare, I would have had nothing but water from the tap to drink – and I would have gone MENTAL.

  2. God that drives me mad. Same goes in my work place… some people think everything in the communal fridge is fair game. Especially the guys on the night shift. I just gave up leaving anything in there since it kinda smells anyway!

    • Yep! That’s why I was hoping NOT YOURS would make a light bulb turn on in their nasty-ass-thief’s head. “Durrr, you mean the company didn’t provide that drink?”

      Still waiting on, “Durr, maybe I should buy a can or two to replace what I took?”

  3. I need new glasses. Loads of interests: ”Reading plants”. Oh ….

    Commas are so small in this font.

    Working from home this problem happens all the damn time but there is no real individual ownership of stuff in the family fridge.

    • Hello Arkenaten! I’ve seen your comments on NoShrinkingViolet’s site. Thank you for stopping in! You picked an odd post to comment on. The powers that be have put up signs of their own now, and so far my drinks have stayed put. I guess my having a rage fit in front of the MD helped.
      Just me and my hubby here, but he’d be in deep shit if he took the last of any of my treats.

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