Who the Hell Puns in their Sleep?!?!



I do.

I’ve not been sleeping well lately. More accurately, I’ve not been sleeping for long periods in the morning but I do have loads of REM sleep, complete with weird dreams.

Last week I again dreamt that I was a man, and it was perfectly normal in the dream. Forget the details now, as you do, but I remember noting that I wasn’t even me in the dream.

This morning, I was the interviewer for a TV documentary on a famous person. I wish it was someone real, but I don’t think it was. It was a man, and rather heavy-set and intelligent. I think he was an actor. Much like the amazing Stephen Fry, but it wasn’t him. I was there to document his unusual hobby, which was candle-making.

In dream space, there was lots of time doing camera angles, set up, questions, etc. It went on for a while, perfectly normal – as if I have a clue what being a TV interviewer entails.

Eventually, cameras rolling, a young man walks in. The star stops and says, “Oh, I’d like you to meet my assistant. He’s been invaluable. This is Chandler.”

I woke up immediately, laughing out loud.


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  1. I once spent the night at the home of a couple on Staten Island. The guy was an inveterate sleeptalker and would even converse yet be sound asleep. In the morning his wife beckoned to me and tiptoed up to the bed where her husband was mumbling something about frogs in the snow. Then he said “You know why frogs are so little?” She said “Why?” “They eat too much shortening,” he said.

    After all these years I can’t even remember their names because we were in the Society for Creative Anachronism and never used our real ones, so no way of knowing whether you might be related. 🙂

    There is a theory that we can be living some of our reincarnations at the same time in history — since time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once. Hardly any weirder than believing in rebirth per se. Maybe another part of “you” is really a guy who interviews people for TV?

    • I wasn’t a guy while doing the interview, I don’t think. Vague feeling I was in a war, again, in the dream where I was a dude. Can’t remember, need to get my digital recorder out again and make notes. Or I could get the happy pills renewed like a smart person would and go back to no recollection of dreams at all. I’ve been a sleep talker my whole life, full conversations and everything.

      SCA!!! I have been a part now and again, in FL and OH. Nothing of the sort in Ireland, it’s like the Irish want to believe nerds and geeks don’t exist.

  2. I certainly don’t pun in my dreams, but I have had my share of strange/funny dreams over the years. Dreams are not meant to be normal. The guys who wrote [i]Inception[/i] have never had a dream.

      • I agree with you, definitely not a great movie. Light entertainment really. Well directed, all cast did a great job, but the source material is just not very good. Good premise, badly used.
        Good post though. I have a few dream related ideas on my list, maybe I should finally pick one and write something. Dreams are fascinating. I like to think they get the real you out, rather than the character that we play in the real world to satisfy expected behaviors.

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