Leaving work tonight, I had to put a few things in the trunk/boot of the Mini. Opened it up, leaned forward to toss in the stuff. WHACK. I bounced my forehead off the thin edge of the deck, shouted an appropriate word, staggered back a few steps… my lovely work lads walked with me over to the light to see if I was bleeding (nope). I do have quite a sore lump there. Looks like I’m trying to grow just one horn. It’s not even in the damn middle of my quite expansive forehead.

My guess is that the cold temps tonight kept the hydraulic hinges from opening all the way. It’s never done that before, and it is very dark behind the building, so I didn’t even look.

Won’t trust the boot again. Especially in the dark. Ow.

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  1. My last car, the beloved Melissa, lost all hydraulic gumption on the hatch cover as she aged and I had to hold it up WITH my head to remove groceries, etc.

    Now I see that it is better to have a hatch that won’t stay up at all than one that goes up part way.

  2. Ooch! I’m sorry (mainly because of how much you made me laugh)! I did about the same just a week or two ago. Cold temperature does that, I confirm. I was trying to be quick, so I didn’t wait for the hatch to go all the way up, I went ahead at the time it would normally have been completely up, not expecting it to stop midway. Well I didn’t hit as hard as you did, but my ego was hit. My employees were right there looking at me as we were about to leave.

    See, that’s one way cats are superior to us. They can hit their head really hard and it doesn’t seem to do them a thing. Just the other day, I had just arrived from work and had not yet removed my shoes (I wear steel toe). I had not noticed Tigra was sitting right in front of me. I’m not sure exactly where I hit her, but I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere on her head, and I really hit her hard. She only stepped away a few steps. When a approached my hand, she stroke it like nothing happened.

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