Pumpkin-head-dawg meme pics


I have made up my dog meme pics, based on your suggestions, and a few from Facebook as well. I know which one is my favourite – which is yours? These are all free to share, wherever you like.










More suggestions welcome!

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  1. Oh is that what you’ve been doing with your nightcap? I hat to say, but these memes wore off. But I may be wrong as it’s caubeen a while since I last wore my meme expert hat. Should we shako this subject more, or should we kepi at that? Now the temperature is low, so I’ve took my tuque out of the closet, and soon I will wear my santa hat. If you didn’t like me wearing my humorist hat, I’ll just wear the dunce cap and beanie done with that.

    • Nope, it is an American football reference! My dad supplied the tinfoil one, he has a great and twisted sense of humour (can’t imagine where I got mine, oh no).

      I’ll share after a few more comments. Of course if you were on FB, you’d already know 🙂

      • Don’t worry, I did get the football reference correct, I just wanted to add my little… hum… well you know me know, don’t you?

        We’re a week later. Still waiting for your favorite ones 🙂

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