Can we Meme it? Yes We Can! Part One


I did something really cruel to my Akita, Neko, last week. But…just lookit her! Awwwww!

It’s only cruel ’cause she wanted to eat that pumpkin, not wear it. If you look closely, her left eye definitely has a look that says, ‘I will have my vengeance. In this life, or the next.’

The right eye is too squished by the pumpkin to look very threatening. It’s her wonky eye, anyway.

I adore this pic, and think it is hilarious. But. I am terrible at thinking up clever captions for photos. I thought this one could go viral if someone were cleverererer than I. Any takers? I do have the technology, just not the brain power.

For instance: this is of my previous meme attempts that failed, miserably:


Yeah, sorry.

This is the best I’ve been able to come up with so far for Neek’s pic:


I think my inherent geekiness gets in the way of being universally funny. Please help! If this is fun for y’all, I’ll be back with an even better pic for captioning.

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