When I was very low with my depression, my mother in law bought me a living plant. It was one I’d never had before, a cyclamen. It was in bloom in June, but went dormant.

Well. This thing has gone craazeee in the last month. We keep it in the bathroom (kitty-free-zone) and it makes me smile with every visit.

It actually has twice as many blooms now as it did when I asked iDJ to take this photo! I think I’m a convert.

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      • Ah! I thought the worst was that the picture was taken by iDJ… According to what you said, the actual colors are probably a lot better.

        Any reason why you don’t take a picture now?

        Is it standing on a heater or a baby gate or something?

        It’s nice you got a way to smile while getting into the bathroom. Other than iDJ being there just out of the shower. I need to find something that will make me smile in my bathroom. There is nothing in there to make me smile, and there is nothing I do in a bathroom that makes me smile.

        • Ugh, my bathroom isn’t the cleanest, or uncluttered, and it only gets sunshine a few hours a day this time of year! Yes, I brought it downstairs and set it on the radiator in the sunshine for special effect – but to be honest you are right – it looks best in the place it grows best!

          Yeah I usually only ‘smile’ in the toilet when I want to make sure I don’t have food in my teeth!

          • Oh, it sounds like yours is better than mine! I don’t have any natural light in there (no window). It’s small and definitely cluttered. I need to install a shelve or two, but I haven’t got to do that yet. As for cleanliness, it depends what day of the month it is. I usually only get the motivation to clean it when I toilet talks to me lol.

            When I moved in, the walls were mauve. I painted them in white, except for the walls around the tub, which I left mauve. Initially because I was lazy and thought I would figure what color to paint these later, but I think I like it like that after all.

        • Oh, dear, you obviously both need me to swish into your bathrooms and do them, darlings. (Nelly hand gesture by swishy interior decorator persona)

          This is what greets you in my blazing red first floor bathroom

          (bought way back when the artist was flogging his prints for peanuts at the shopping mall… ah, to be the right place at the right time)

          and upstairs there is a lavender crystal in the window so the shower (whose curtain is hung with rhinestone hooks from a big box store sale table) gets all rainbow-y in the afternoons.

          Also, that time of year is coming up:

          Life is short and everyone must go to the bathroom! Sport joyfully with your loo!

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