This sponsored ad started showing up in my Facebook feed yesterday.

Is that picture on the left of a fat girl? NO. Is that picture on the right of an emaciated, bony, bitchy-looking girl? YES.

I have no idea why anyone would want to look like the girl on the right. She was happy enough to be seen in a bikini in the first shot, right? So why go for the half-dead, oh here are my hipbones, don’t cut yourself! look?

And why they hell is it being suggested to me? I follow more pubs than hair salons (and only the salon that is owned by a good friend). I don’t make friends of fashion sites or diet sites or makeup sites, etc, etc. FB needs to try a little harder, because this ad pisses me off. “Woman Daily” is a big fail-y. Using a pic of Posh Spice’s skeletal frame with her built-in silicon airbags is also a huge turn off. What is wrong with the people who think this crap is attractive?

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  1. I had the same rancid ads pop up on mine even one that looked like a concentration camp rid of them and said they were offensive…I follow nothing to do with fashion and have more chance of buying a space ship online than any of this crap…way to make women feel like pieces of meat…seems the world has issues…who knew 😉

  2. One hundred and sixty pounds, blows up a six hundred and thirty pound angle sled press, fifty eight years old, mama kicks ass. I spit in the milk of the grandmothers of these twiggy models.

    I get mail and phone promotions for “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” alarms. Phfhfffhhftttt.

  3. I would date the one on the left. I’d likely not notice the one on the right, I don’t think she even casts a shadow.

    I never thought a flat belly was natural. There is suppose to be something in between the surface and the bones. But the girl on the right doesn’t have a flat belly, her belly is curved inward. If she ever manage to get pregnant (without killing a guy) her baby will go right through it.

    Girls, stop buying these stuff. These ads still exist because you are still getting caught. Not only these diets are mostly frauds, if they end up working, they make you look stupid and unhealthy. The same rule that applies to cats applies to people too: if I can see your bones, you are too skinny.

    This was obviously a targeted ad. Nobody in America knows what a stone is 😛

    • I think it’s the same woman, she just looks more like an asshole in the skinny pic. Hey, I put up a sunflower pic I think you missed?

      Now I want to draw a gory cartoon where a man gets sliced to ribbons on some skinny bird’s protruding hipbones…

  4. You are so right….Fake stick on boobs on a stripped color hair job that looks like straw, and a skeleton underneath, they should think of the starving babies in Africa and cut that shite out! it really is insulting to any educated mind. How can something like this just show up on your blog without permission??? It is nasty!

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