Lokii and Neko


I started following a Facebook group, Bengal Cat World – mostly because Cats n Co follows them, I have a Bengal, and the main Bengal spokes-cat on their page is also named Spot. How could I resist?

Whomever is in charge is a lovely person, very willing to personally welcome new followers and have a chat. She/he also posts enough photos daily to overflow a litterbox. This is going to seriously annoy my other FB friends as I can’t help but ‘like’ all the Bengal photos from around the globe.

They have ‘unbaby me‘ app; I wonder if there is an ‘unkitty me’ to save my friends’ sanity? Sled – Unbaby was meant for you! Hubby uses it, and has all the baby pics on his FB feed (except for close family/friends) replaced with pics of cats. How awesome is that, you can like their photo and make them happy, never letting them know it was really a cute kitty you liked…

Who am I kidding, there will never be an unkitty app! We all know the Internet is made up of mostly porn and cats, who would ever want to block teh kittahs?

Anyhoo: in my long, rambling, old manner of doing a blog post (before I got sucked into posting sooo many flower pics), I saw a pic today from the group of a Bengal cuddling up to what is probably a miniature pincher puppy. Yes, it’s entirely squee-worthy, if you are the type of person inclined to squee (I won’t be so rude as to steal the pic and repost it here. Go find Bengal Cat World if you really need to see it).

Being a mostly squee-free-zone, I immediately thought that maybe a small dog would help Lokii overcome his fear of Neko.

Not that I want a small dog in my family… sorry, small-dog-fans, but I seem to only want to love and live with big, sheddy, intimidating-looking dogs who don’t drool. Dogs that are smart enough to listen and obey, but not smart enough (or dumb enough, it’s a fine line) to get bored and eat the leg off a table for their own entertainment.

Neko suits my needs perfectly – she’s a bit small for me at 36 kilos (about 80lbs), and she sheds a lot, scares people (unless they want to hug her, in which case she freaks out and really scares them) doesn’t drool, and is happiest inside – sleeping or following us around – and rarely getting into trouble.

But Little Lokii doesn’t like her. Lokes never learned dog body language, as our previous big hairy boy died only a few weeks after Lokii became part of the family. They were just starting to get along, too. But my heart was so very broken that I couldn’t get another dog for a few years, which was too long of a wait for teaching a kitty how to speak dog.

The pair does interact, occasionally. When Lokii gets full of beans (and I’m there in the room to run behind if things get too scary) he will sit under the living room table and reach out and “tag” Neko’s ankles as she walks past. Or if Lokii is up high and feeling confident, he’ll tag her in the butt, or tail.

Of course the moment Neeks decides that it is playtime, Lokii freaks out, hisses and runs away. Sigh.


Basically, he’s a little bully. So maybe a few weeks with a dog smaller than he is would give him the confidence to deal with Neko in a more… adult manner.

By which I mean that I really wish he would play with his damn dog, she wants to so bad!

We can’t deal with that sad face forever.

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  1. How disappointing. Four of our cats speak dog to varying degrees but one is tone deaf – won’t come into the house if the dogs are around. Two of the cats come on walks with the dogs which tickles us pink but can take longer while you wait for them to come down a tree.

  2. I have a secret identity on Facebook but have never networked there to the extent many people do, so I’ve been mercifully spared the baby pics. But warn a person! When I went to the link describing the app, there were more full face baby portraits than I’ve seen in the last two years!!! Yecccchhhh!!! (Seriously: I know I’m way out there to most people, but I can’t see a human infant or its image without almost gagging on briefly but vividly recalled smells of sour milk and diapers, and hearing ear-splitting screams. I’d rather be in the same room with a Gaboon viper — caged anyway — I know because I have been and the viper was infinitely more attractive.)

    Neko looks so disconsolate. I generally eschew dogs but it’s not anywhere in the same class as babies, and she makes me want to throw her a rubber ring.

    • Whoops. I’ve never actually installed it, so I had no idea. Did they all turn to pics of cats afterward? Was it almost worth it?

      Gaboon Vipers are pretty awesome, actually…

      Neeks thinks she’s a cat, so she’s pretty okay.

      • Well since I don’t do Facebook or anything else that inflicts baby pics on me, and don’t use a pad or smartphone, I didn’t try it out.

        I think Gaboon vipers look like they were dressed by Coco Chanel.

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