Lob it over me, boss


Okay, I want to do a real post, but I can’t really concentrate at the moment to line up pics and talk about them. But I feel like I haven’t posted in days – and I haven’t – so I have to do something anything.

It so happens I do have ‘something, anything’, and it’s friggin’ adorable.

Yep, it’s the boys being cute again!

I should probably explain all the mess. Photo location- inches away from the sliding glass door (to the right, in the photos). The boys are in the dog’s bed: it gets sunny and warm there occasionally.

That corner is also where their ‘thrones’ are – also known as litter boxes, but these are massive with pillows on top for them to sleep on, and catch the sun at the right time of day. So, there’s a bit of litter scattered in the dog bed. Meh. Cats are clean, just not neat.

The blue thingie behind Lokii is the little cardboard zip-strip from a new box of aluminium foil. Spot loves them, so I gave it to him as a toy and hasn’t quite yet (or yet-yet, it’s still there) thrown it away when he got bored.

But who cares about some random mess when you have a Siamese using a Bengal as a chin-rest?

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  1. Now that’s a definition for “luxuriously warm and sleepy”.
    Makes me want to run and adopt another cat for RC to cuddle up with…oh, probably not, but such cute pictures…..envious the dog has a bed (litter gets everywhere no matter what)…Molly see beds as giant chew toys and a challenge to destroy them within hours. (don’t tell, she’s sneaked up on the couch and doesn’t think I know)

    • Innocent looking Lokii eats the dog bed. We were very worried about getting another cat, but Spot was showing major signs of boredom and I made the choice. We did well – Spot HATES other cats but Lokes just would not give up the cuddling. It worked! Mostly. Spot’s still bored at times, he’d need a tiger to keep him entertained, but the nighttime hollering has decreased.

  2. What precious photos! The Siamese reminds me of my kitty Duncan (though he was a Russian Blue) in his propensity to use whatever is handy for his head rest. He spent the 13 years I had him searching out those head rests, the most memorable are the piano foot pedals, my daughter’s head as she slept, and bananas. Thanks for a bittersweet traipse back in time and for sharing your story.

    • Aww, what a lovely story! I also have a soft spot for blue or grey kitties – as a teen, I used to think my good boy Damien was a Korat, but couldn’t prove it. I’ve never seen them do this before, so had to try to take pictures. I wish I could see Duncan napping on ‘nanners!

    • They are a good colour-match, aren’t they! Even the dog matches, when she’s allowed to get close to the Lokii-monster.
      The chin-resting was going on the whole time, I just had a hard time getting a good angle – hence four pics before my tip-toeing around them, clicking away, got their attention 🙂

  3. My cats just won’t do close to each other cute. Nearest we get is all the boys in mexicat standoff formation on our bed, or else in a cat-human sandwich type arrangement. Normally a multi-layer affair – Mojo / brian / Stripey / Toko with a side of Zizou and parker under the bed. Makes you think twice about going to bed without having a last minute pee.

  4. How do you get your cats to keep a position for several pictures? When I’m lucky, I can take one before they move out of position, but very often they just move as I bring the camera.

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