Nothing says ‘I love you’ like an arse in your face.


Taken the other morning with the iPad – terrible pic as usual and I even lightened it up with iDarkroom HD.

Got to feel the love when kitty decides to let you bask in the glory of his arse at very, very, close proximity to your nose.

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  1. In my house it’s the Bengal who does it the most too, though I’ve gotten it from them all. Fergie’s the star performer however because his tail is flipped back over his body at all times so he can share his works with everyone even from a distance, 24/7.

      • Well, sometimes when Miss Nickel has been following him around the house for five or ten minutes with her nose in his butt he does turn around peevishly and say (you can see his balloon) “Do you MIND?”

        • That’s what Spot does to Lokii! Never, ever, the reverse. And then we have many a giggle at Spot ‘mouth-breathing’ to get all the good arsehole-scents recorded. It probably doesn’t help that Lokes needs his anal glands expressed like a dog does – he gets twin lumps of smelly goo that I have to pick off every so often. He does not enjoy this. Neither do I.

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