Festive Fur!


We’ve done our now-traditional torturing of the fur persons.

I have to say, the cats are incredibly patient with this indignity.

Siamese in a Christmas costume-211842.jpg
The first victim.

Bengal in a Santa hat-211635.jpg

Bengal in a Christmas costume-211659.jpg
I can’t move, ma!

two cats in holiday clothes-211811.jpg
Is this your fault!?!?

We only took three ‘official pics.’ They are all terrible! Can’t even see kitty faces in the first one, and I’m a giant white marshmallow cow. Moo.

A little better!

Akita in a Santa hat-212506.jpg
But of course, the one I like best is the one where none of us were ready and the smiles are real.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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    • Hahaha! The dog got nekkid first. Hubby lost his mad hat (mine!) while I was letting the cats free of their horrid restraints. Only then was I able to remove that ginormous sweater and the ‘hat.’ It’s a little sequinned thingie with feathers on a clip. Will be hidden from Lokii if it’s the last thing I do when we get back from the pub tonight. And it quite likely will be the last thing!

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