My only thought on the supposed end o de world


Clearly, all the hoo-rah has been a load of poo. But I am impressed with just one thing: the Mayan calendar, made umpteen years ago, predicted entirely accurately the day of the winter solstice in 2012. How wonderful. They had skillz.

Unless even that is a load of poo and whomever translated it decided this was the end date. In which case, someone out there has been giggling up their sleeve for at least a year now.

He/she also had skillz. And a fabulous sense of humour!

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  1. Hi Spiders,

    Because I have some interest in both ancient civilizations and Native American, I happen to have a good understanding of the Mayan calendar, which happens to be the most understood ancient calendar.

    So, no, I didn’t believe in the end of the world, and yes, my yesterday’s post was a joke.

    We know of the exact correlation between the Mayan and Gregorian (ours) calendars because some Spanish drew the Mayan date in his journal, which he dated the entry in Gregorian.

    Actually it is quite impressive that the Mayan Long Count calendar was precise enough to predict the winter solstice of 2012, considering it was established some 2500 years ago. It is to note that the Mayan calendar was started out on a winter solstice and start again each year on the correct date. Our own calendar, established in 1582, aimed at fixing the inaccuracy of the previous (Julian) calendar, and needed to be adjusted by 10 days in order to resync the spring equinox on March 21. The Gregorian calendar fails by 1 day every 4000 years or so, while the Mayan calendar, slightly more precise, will still begin on the winter solstice every year for well longer.

    The Mayan calendar was based on the sky, with its first day of the year on the winter solstice, and fixed the length of a year to 365.2422 days/year. The Gregorian calendar, adjusted so that the spring equinox is on March 21, because that was the date of the spring equinox in 325 AD when the Christian religion was instated in Rome (read: based on absolutely nothing), fixed the year to 365.2425 days/year. The modern science says a year is 365.24219. Maya were closer.

    The Maya never said the 2012 winter solstice would mark the end of the world. And their calendar didn’t end today. In fact, this day mark the first day of a new Great Cycle in Mayan culture. If their civilization was still up, today they would hold a great celebration, not very different from what we did to mark the year 2000. On the Mayan Calendar, today is

    Why did I feel the need to write a comment longer than your actual post? I don’t know. But I like your posts in general. Happy new Mayan year to you and all your family. Keep writing, I will keep reading. And I plan to finish my 6-pack of La Fin du Monde tonight (see my yesterday’s post).

    • Looks like I made a slight mistake in the previous comment. The Long Count Mayan calendar was not meant to start again on the solstice every year. It did indeed started on a solstice, but was only meant to start on that day again only every great cycle, not every year. My bad. Thought I would mention in case someone in the future was to use the information in there.

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