What I learned this week Dec 10 – 16


I think we all learned what I learned on Tuesday. Never again.

I’ve also learned it didn’t work. But, thanks to Sled, I may have learned what is really wrong with me. This will take time, and I hope my physio will be able for it as so far, my experiments are fruitless. I know SFA about my musculature.

I learned that there isn’t a good version of C.W. McCall’s ‘Wolf Creek Pass’ on YouTube. Sometimes you hear something that sticks with you for life, and becomes “something I say all the time.” This song has one phrase I love and have used here on the blog, so I was trying to find it for a comment elsewhere. There’s tons of vid of the actual road. But there’s nothing that comes close to the droll, sarcastic redneck trucker perfection of McCall’s original. I would do such a better job than what I found online. Wonder if hubby could play the tune? Maybe there’s a future for me in cover versions of old comedy country songs. What a fun idea! I can do redneck and sarcastic with the best of ’em. And my singing voice, to me, is annoyingly nasal – so maybe country singing is my only hope.

I already knew that despite disliking country music as a rule, I have a soft spot for trucker songs. I blame my dad for having an 8-track tape of Trucker Music in our beautiful customised Ford Econoline van (how I loved that beast). However, I have just learned that I cannot find what that tape was anymore. I was going to post a picture. Wonder if dad still has it? Probably not, it’s been well over 20 years since we’ve had anything to play an 8-track on. And the tapes themselves went bad pretty fast, playing two or more tracks at the same time. Records are soooo much better, if impossible to play in a van. Yes, I still prefer vinyl above CD and most digital. The high end on CD hurts my ears, and I can’t afford a good sound system to let digital do all that it can do.

I’ve also just learned that despite talking about 8-tracks (and earlier today, rotary phones), I don’t feel old due to the changes in technology since those things were common. I’m totally confident that people who are kids today will look at iPads, CD’s and smart phones the same way when they hit their 40’s. Actually I think CD’s are already on the way out. I’m happy to be young enough to work the new tech without getting too irritated, and old enough to really appreciate how fantastic it is.

I think I’m done for the week. I’m not funny this time, if I ever am. I’m tired and hurting a bit, and worn out from getting packages ready to post to the states. At least we could do that much this year! Even if I really get cranky with all the tape and paper and tape and scissors and tape…

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  1. I hope the iliacus theory is fruitful.

    My father, always one to buy a new toy (up to a point — when he surfaced again after 27 years’ absence, infantilized by a stroke, he had clearly drawn the line at a real computer or the like) HAD to have an 8 track as soon as they came out. We owned about 10 TAAAPES, one of Christmas music. Those endless loops ran whenever company came. Gaaah.

    The guy who taught me to drive was a Good Ole Boy and somewhat as a result of hearing trucker songs on his favorite radio station I wrote one, once.

  2. When I send or wrap anything I feel bad for the person on the other end… I have a thing for using tape. Opps.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that records are awesome. There are some things that just sound better on them. My thoughts was because the music at the time that was recorded was created with the… sort of the sound of music on records in mind. Wither consciously or not. So now when we try to sharpen them up and put them on CDs it just sounds wrong. It’s lost that soft warm quality.

    My sisters and I had a tape that we loved as children that I haven’t been able to find. I assume no one bothered to put it back together for CD. Ah well.

    Every time I sing karaoke (weirdly I’ve been in situations where it was the polite thing to do) some one always says “You’d make a great country singer.”. I know it is meant as a compliment… but GAG!

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