Why iDJ shouldn’t be allowed to shop alone


I let the hubby go shopping alone today. He face-timed me at least a dozen times to ask my opinion of possible presents for family. But he didn’t ask me about a present he brought home for me.

Aww, it’s a Santy lighter. No big deal, right?


…until you get some size perspective.

I might have trouble fitting that in my jeans pocket.

I couldn’t light it with just my thumb! It takes two hands!

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  1. Now you won’t loose it 🙂

    I see you too have these negative messages on your packs of cigarettes. We have them too, but mind you, we we have is worst. There is a negative image (of a person dying from cancer or the like) that covers 75% of the pack, each sides, with a negative text message somewhere in the image.

    They should put a picture of a guy freezing to death, and the text “It’s -20°C outside and you can’t smoke inside.” That would do it.

    • That is one lighter you can take to the pub and be sure that you’ll come home with.

      Cold? What is cold when a nicotine fit is upon you? Sideways rain makes it hard, but cold I laugh at. I have fire in my hand (and apparently, a flamethrower at the ready)!

      • So harmfully true :s

        Let’s try this one then:
        “Sideways rain makes it hard”

        With a picture of a guy smoking under the rain trying to hide by a wall.

        Wondering how much government pays for ideas for these messages ^o)

  2. Even with the pack of cigarettes nearby for scale, I still had no concept of how big that thing would be until you showed yourself holding it. Damn!

    I can’t even light a normal size lighter with one hand!

    • Ha! Yea, it still gives the illusion of being normal sized after the first pic sets in in your head, doesn’t it? I wasn’t going to even try to hold that behemoth with my left and take a pic with my right, but I managed somehow.

      And I don’t have small hands at ALL.

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