Oh, Balls!


Hey! I learned that I’m only half the eejit I thought I was! Look what I found:

Yep, hanging off one of the many, many loops of my pothos plant is – the balls off my socks. The ones that I thought Lokii had eaten. Woot! I put them there because he never goes up there, even though he could. He’s not a plant-eater, and even Spot seems to also have no interest in the pothos.

The plant is on the wall-mounted TV rack in our bedroom, one of the things we didn’t bother to remove when we moved in. I suffered it to remain as it makes a great plant stand, and because I will permit a TV in my house, but not one in my bedroom.

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  1. I refuse to allow TVs in my bedroom too.

    It’s a room to SLEEP in, not to watch TV in. Yes I have porn (porn store worker Hello! Even though it not really my thing) but weirdly, I still have no interest to watch that in the bedroom.

    Besides I’ve known a couple of people tell me they’ve always had a TV in their bedroom and now can’t sleep without it. I have enough problems sleeping without risking anything.

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