Thanks, self, for being an eejit.


We only, tonight, about an hour ago, realised that American Thanksgiving is THIS week. As in, in a few days. Now, of course this isn’t something celebrated or enjoyed in Ireland; but hubby has this…thing…where he likes to try to make me feel at home by celebrating American holidays. Usually it involves me having to cook something hard to purchase here, or wear something starry and stripey. Thankfully those things are also hard to purchase here.

We really should have tried harder to import him to the States rather than export me, perhaps.

In any case, we scroooowed up and there will not be a timely turkey-day for us. Due to lack of turkey. And anything else slightly resembling the makings of a turkey-day meal…

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  1. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than being allowed to forget the pointless exercise in self-excoriation that is American Thanksgiving.

    Familiy holiday? Families are the major cause of mental illness. We would all be better off if we emerged pristinely from bottles.

    Travel clusterfuck? In their zeal to be with people they are genetically related to but probably can’t stand, people clog every means of transit available, resulting in deaths and hours and hours of precious time wasted that no one can ever get back again.

    Cooking? Spare me. The traditional Thanksgiving meal is tasteless, nutritionally brutal and leaves its victims feeling like impacted bullocks.

    And then — everything is closed and you can’t get a damn thing done! It isn’t nice weather, most years, so you can’t even enjoy the outdoors. Millions of people who hate each other crammed into stuffy houses reeking of heavy meals, trapped for possibly the whole weekend, and this is supposed to be about thanks…? I wish every year that it would stop, just stop, even if I use to the fullest the power I have to have nothing to do with it.

    Enjoy your day and your escape.

    • Hahaha! I never experienced any of that. Small, non-hateful family (no travelling or fights). I love turkey and will eat it happily for days, but keep it light on the carb-laden parts of the tradition. Baked sweet potatoes, green beans with loads of garlic, no bread, no gravy. Never ate stuffing until I made it myself with barley and that stuff is good.
      As to not going anywhere because it is all closed – well, you can’t even fill up your gas tank in Ireland on Christmas day. Yikes. No matter, I never have money anyway!

      • My idea of what to do with a day off is go to the library — I never have time. They don’t make you pay for that! But forget it on Thanksgiving and yes, Christmas is another of those “complete waste” days, too.

        Thursday is always my day off, see, so it’s just another day off to me — and nothing useful I can do with it. The Engineer likes to cook so I turn him loose in my kitchen for some nice thing that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve swallowed a life vest, but if the gym weren’t open until three, I’d feel the day was a total waste.

        • Oh, christ, you should see my local library!!!! I think I’ve read everything in it I wanted to. Even the small matter of alphabetising is neglected. And it’s tiny. Tiny tiny.

          I feel a bit sad for your gym people who have to work. Unless they are junkies like yourself, of course!

          By the way, if I’ve never extended it before – if you want to visit Ireland I’m offering our spare room for free crash-space. You’d have to deal with our carnivorous habits and the Man Who Talks to Cheese, however.

  2. Yikes. Sledpress is a little cranky for me. I say, enjoy your Thanksgiving, which is all about the joy of gratitude and not necessarily about the turkey anyway. Thanksgiving (or any holiday) in Ireland is on my bucket list.

    • I love her crankiness 🙂 I would have been the only observer of the holiday in my town, albeit two days late as we don’t have off work and hubby DJ’s a weekly radio show on Thursdays. I sort of like an excuse to eat too much! There’s things to do in Dublin for ex-pats, but it would take as long to get there and back as it would to cook, eat, coma, and clean up.
      Christmas week is CRAZY here, and the flights are cheaper as it is off-season…
      Nice to meet you!

  3. Yeah, the whole thing crept on me. Apparently the family has plans all laid out, though, so as long as I just show up….:D

    Nah. I’ll be baking bread and cookies.

  4. I like having the days off for Thanksgiving, but always dread the heavy emphasis on overeating that everyone seems to think you must do in order to be traditional. Of course, if it was pizza instead of turkey, I would be more than happy to overindulge…

  5. Being forced to endure certain family members may sometimes be a pain. but at least it allows us to be free from feeling guilty when they die. 😉

    I think it’s very sweet that he’s attempting to keep you happy by celebrating American Holidays. Often our men will do things for us that we actually find quite annoying. Besides for him they are new and interesting, instead of the old hat it is to us. I think it’s time for you to teach him how to make half of that stuff so you don’t have to stress as much.

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