Battle Royale, with Cheese


Right, so, I’ve been sitting on these pics for a little while. I didn’t feel much like doing much, and I still don’t, but I had three days off and got some schtuff done around the house and I’m trying to force myself to be interactive. Sort of the idea behind forcing yourself to smile so you’ll feel better. Endolphins or endorkings or sommat like that.

Yes, I know the right word. I just like the idea of the chemicals in my brain being either dolphins or dorks; either splashing about happily in my brain juice or sitting in the corner like a classic eejit in a dunce hat.

I suspect I have more endorkings.

Oh lawd. I’ve now taught my iPad that endorkings is a real word that it can finish spelling for me.

Anyhoo, the forcing effort freaked me out a bit today when I decided to visit all the blog posts I’ve been skipping. My inbox said I had no unread messages, but when I went to the next page I found 19 of them from mid-September. Gmail lied to me. Unread means unread – not ‘you haven’t read any of the three dozen you can see at one time.’ I hate hate hate having unread mail! I might choose to ignore it until later: but not even glanced at? uh-uh. Makes me feel like such a lazy slug. And I hate hate hate slugs.

In any case I promised a kitty-battle. And I was reminded again when I saw all the emails to myself from my iPhone. There should be a better way, and I’m sure there is, but that’s what I do.

They aren’t that old, only from the 4th. Terrible quality, the boys were fast and um, well, furious. Damn Vin Diesel and his crappy petrol-laden series of movies.

Here’s how it got started.

You can understand perhaps why this caused affront to Spot. But he had been trying to mount his brother for about two weeks prior to the Battle Royale, so I think patient Lokii had some payback coming.

Spot didn’t think so.


Yes, I just sat there and clicked away. I’m a bad mom.


Lokii tried to escape, as Spot was being really, really mean. He came toward me, as a supposed safe haven. Ha.

There is no attempted rape going on here. Nothing to see.

catrape2 OUCH.jpg
Um, I think I will retract that last statement.

sneak attack.jpg
Spot had a wee lie-down on the couch in between skirmishes three and four. Lokii hunched down below his eye level, but my phone or finger wasn’t quite fast enough to get the entire pounce!

And then back to normal, disgustingly cute, ear-cleaning, kitty-brotherly-lurve in front of the fire when they got tired.


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  1. I can hear the sound effects in my head. Of course, now I can also hear Vin Diesel’s voice in my head too. I think it might be one of my to 5 voices of all time, and I wish I could work out why.

  2. I couldn’t help but to laugh at all the pictures! For a moment it looked like rape or something!
    My boyfriend and I ended up giggling while taking a look at the pictures again. But it looks like Spot was trying to bite Lokii in the neck? 😮

  3. BWAAA HAA HAA!!! My Nickel the Bengal is fascinated with Mr. Ferguson’s butt, only he doesn’t react quite so strongly — just an over the shoulder, dripping with disdain reproachful gaze that says “MUST you?”.

    And as you know from my recent forays into kitty porn, feline males, like those of the human species, fancy themselves as great lovers no matter what state their works are in. Your cats hadn’t been watching Rocky Horror, had they?

    • I was going to say something pretty terrible about photo-journalists. But I don’t actually believe what I was going to joke about so I will refrain. I’m just glad they stopped doing this ON my legs at 3 am.

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