Oh, just write something FFS.


Yes, just write something, anything, get the fingers moving and the brain-juice flowing! I don’t mean you, I mean me!

I finished all of the published Game of Thrones books. I had seven titles in my library, and Wikipedia informed me that there were seven books, and they all have titles, etc. and then I finished book five and went to open book six… and it’s not even written yet. My other two titles were short stories. DAMMIT! So… I’m having withdrawals.

And I also had a root canal yesterday. Go, me. I went to the dentist Tuesday eve, because I’ve been fighting off a toothache for a few weeks, and then while chewing some gum one tooth did this horrible sucking pulling suction thing with the gum and it hurt. So I gave up on fighting it off with Listerine and floss and got an appointment that day. I knew my efforts weren’t working anyway – my glands have been swollen and my ear hurt and I got my first cold sore in over a year. Definitely had an infection going on. DAMMIT.

Had three X-rays and a new dentist at the practice. He was less than impressed with the quality of my fillings and told me the sore tooth needed a root canal (me, not surprised, I know my teeth are shit) and that there is infection in another tooth as well on the other side of my mouth. And the filling on that one is so big that once the old filling came out, the root would be right there, and probably turn into another root canal. And he’d like to fix at least six other teeth.


Ok, sez I, this does not surprise me. I know my teeth are shit, sez I (to a bit of eye-widening from New Dentist who probably expected an American to not say shit, or have crappy teeth). This is why I have dental insurance and kept it even when I didn’t have a job, sez I. Let’s just fix the one that hurts and we’ll get to the rest, sez I.

Okay, sez he – and sends me out to make an appointment. Um, no work to be done today? No? Right, okay…appointment.

Earliest they could get me in was November 23rd. What what what? Right, okay – I understand, and I’m not in pain unless I use that side of my mouth, and I’ll keep up with the mouthwash and floss until then… I’ll be grand.

Until I got home and starting thinking about the fact I have an infection in my head. And it already bothers me. And I’d have to put up with it for over a month. I decided to ring the dentist the next day to ask for antibiotics.

It didn’t quite work out that easily, and I don’t feel like typing all that out. But I got a call around noon on Thursday asking if I could come in for stage 1 of root canal the next day. Why yes, yes I can.

So that’s me half-done, I have a temporary filling in and still have the Nov 23rd appt to finish it off. But… It’s a lower, back tooth that has gone bad and the poor fella can not get to it. I can’t open my mouth any wider to make room.

Insert joke here.

My jaw is sore as hell from the 1.5 hours I already had, and he’s frustrated too. I’m a good dental patient, I don’t fight or fuss and I don’t hate him for doing what he has to do. I even can, and do, turn my tongue sideways to keep it out of the way. I just have a small mouth.

Yes, yes, go ahead and laugh some more.

And I still have another bad tooth, and I’m fresh out of cash… anyhoo, this whole thing might be part of why I’ve been off my game lately, here and elsewhere.

I’m going to post pics of kitties having a bad-ass battle next.

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  1. ARGH! Horrid. Nothing worse than galloping through a book series then splat – gotta wait.
    Oh, actually your tooth battles are worse. Glad you got the temp. in (root canals are so not fun – your mouth is stretched and sore…real urge to bite fingers?)
    Wrap up warm and try to sleep? Hope you feel better.

    • I’m more irritated about the books! I’m used to the teeth being crap. I’m sore at the jaw, and sore where the needles went in – three, I take a lot of pain-killing. New Dentist didn’t believe me. He does now.

      I don’t feel bad, a little tired. Hubby basically said I look like crap tonight, though. Love you too, babe! 🙂

  2. Yaaaaaay! Perfect! Buttheads, scheduling the root canal over a month away. Large Buttocks-Heads! Yaaaay you for pushing back at ’em! Yaaaaaaay!

    For my root canals, I’ve been drugged to the gills first, then had all the shots– just floated on through and didn’t know whatthehell was happening! I have a small mouth, too, and I always have to tell them that–can’t they figure that out?! Didn’t they go to school for that?! Oh nevermind.

    How lucky to have dental insurance. Indeed get all your teeth done! How exciting!

    Mostly, feel better fast. I bet you do perk up as the head-infections go away.

    • This dentist (well, the older fella I useta see) still uses gas! Completely necessary for giant sissies like my husband. Me, not so much. I need to be able to swallow when needed or I’ll choke. I can choke on my own spit when NOT half numb and made to hold my mouth open for an hour and a half!

      The insurance won’t cover all of it, and it is pay up front and get repaid by the insurance, ouch. Oh, how I’d love to have a mouth full of crowns! I have one, and it is sooo much prettier than the horrid silver fillings that show when I smile…

      • Oh yeah, like the nitrous! Had lots of it for some extensive oral surgery. Plus the pre-meds! I like that they anchor the suction tube in my mouth, a block between my teeth to let my jaw rest, and even I’ve got used to the rubber dam that isolates the tooth. (Can’t use the dam if I’m conscious!) And I don’t know nuthin’ wit all dem drugs!

        Oh that is ouch–pay up front. I have one gold filling left. I hope nobody has an eye on it, what with the high cost of gold right now! Watch the silver prices, dearie. Just sayin’.

  3. I never had a root canal done, but I know people who had. And I’m really scared, and I hope I never have to get it done!
    I have a small mouth too, especially in the back of my mouth, I can’t reach the teeth in the back of my mouth with a normal toothbrush. It just takes a lot of effort, and uncomfortable arm positions.
    And I remember when my four wisdom teeth were coming out. I have been walking around with a sore jaw, painful mouth and stuff for nearly a month, because it was busy at the dentist to get those shitty teeth out. 😦 I eventually got it done in the hospital.

    Anyway, I hope the antibiotics work, and that you are able to get an appointment earlier to get rid of the pain. 😦

    • I never did get any antibiotics! And I’m not sore, really. I’ve had way worse from NOT going to the dentist.

      Could you/do you use a child’s toothbrush? I only ever had three wisdom teeth, and still have them. One dentist wanted to pull one, as it kept getting food trapped under the gum. But that was 15 years ago and it’s just fine 🙂

      • Oh, I thought you got antibiotics! If it’s an infection, I assume you would be given antibiotics…? Or not. 😦

        Haha, yes. i have been using a child’s toothbrush for a while. Cause it was recommended by my dentist. Then another dentist said that a child’s toothbrush doesn’t brush that good, and that I should go back to a normal toothbrush. So I did… I still have the child’s toothbrush (a very cool one with animals on it. 8) ) and I only use it to get in the back of my mouth.

        You still got your wisdom teeth?! Lucky! one of mine was growing the wrong way and pushed against my molars. (are those teeth in the back called molars..?). It was hurting big time, couldn’t chew. But I’m scared of needles, so I decided to let it done by surgery, and get all the 4 out of my mouth. Big mistake! The drug they used to keep me asleep made me feel sick for two weeks. 😦

        But your wisdom teeth still don’t bother you after 15 years? Cause I heard they could become painful after a while.

        • They took the infection out of the sore tooth, along with the root. The other one, well, it doesn’t hurt. Yet. It will, because I don’t usually eat on that side and now I have to until the root canal tooth has a permanent filling. So yeah, I still have infection in my head! I give up.

          I’d rather have a shot than be put under, I have strange reactions to that too. I get yelled at by dentists because the back of my last teeth don’t get cleaned well enough – I never thought it might be because I can’t reach! I always THINK I’m doing a good job brushing. Hmm.

          No, they never bothered me at all. They are very small and only came ‘up’ half way really. So I can’t use them to chew and the one that used to get food trapped actually is half covered by my gums at the back. That’s why it got sore back then, food would get underneath the gums. Ick! I figured out how to keep that from happening though. Toothpicks!

          • I say antibiotics for the other infection!

            Yea, If I knew I was going to get really sick, I rather had a shot too. I still needed this thing in my arm for during the surgery, so whether I was put under or not, both involved needles.

            They always say I don’t brush my teeth good enough. While I use mouth water, floss, tooth picks and brush them! They want me to buy an electric toothbrush. But right now I don’t have the money for it… Or any space in the bathroom!

            Ooh, I see! So they didn’t come out all the way. 🙂
            I guess that means you’re lucky!

            • Hello–I’ll chime in about the electric toothbrush. I’ve been very lucky, having teeth that are mostly well-behaved, not gathering a lot of “stuff” to cause cavities, etc.

              A couple of years ago, my dentist was selling the fancy electric toothbrush at cost (no profit markup) and I got one. I have LOVED it! I use the kid-size brush (small mouth, limited jaw range) and it does all the work and doesn’t destroy my gums from my former vigorous brushing!

              I figured it was an investment at the time–and I DID have a job back then–so it was easier to pay the $70! All dentists should be selling those electric toothbrushes at a lower cost to us!

            • I would. The fancy ones have all sorts of settings so that the brush vibrates at different frequencies. Sometimes I use it if I get something stuck in my teeth during the day. It works! The brand I use is a Phillips Sonicare.

              All my life I have been brushing too hard (according to the dentists) and probably helped to markedly weaken the gums on my lower front teeth. My teeth weren’t being supported because the gums had gotten so thin.

              Aggghh, I didn’t want to lose my teeth! I had horrible, extensive, talk-about-needles! oral surgery to graft skin over those poor gums.

              Who’d-a-thunk a different toothbrush could have made a difference THAT way?!

          • (Spiders, uh, no panic here, but if you feel *anything* untoward at that tooth site in the days/weeks/months/years to come, don’t be shy about calling el dentisto. That’s what got me–the root canal was successful, but a tiny bit of bacteria stayed in that tooth and the resulting infection moved downward into the jawbone. The rest, you will recall, is nasty ole history. Hope not TMI.)

            (I was wondering, too, about antibiotics to treat the other infection…. )

  4. Bummer about the dentistry! Hope everything goes well with that!

    I had a similar thing happen a few years ago, only it was due to my wisdom teeth growing in sideways, trapping food under the gum until eventually I needed a root canal on a tooth next to one of my bottom ones. I got all 4 teeth out, a root canal, and some fillings in one visit. I wouldn’t have had it any other way since I was knocked out for the whole thing!

    No fun, though. And I have a smaller mouth too.

    Anyway, glad you’re back!

    • Ooo! I had a feel around in there after you said that. I used to have pretty wide spaces after my canines on the bottom, and those are gone. Funny – the bottom right is where I never had a wisdom tooth at all! I can see in the X-rays they are a little sideways, but I think they moved the rest and made room.

      My dream (how sad) is that they knock me out and I wake up with no more hideous silver fillings that show when I smile, and maybe no real teeth at all. My front ones are okay, though – if rather a bit over-bite and getting-old yellowy. Not toooo terrible I guess. But I would like better than I have. But that’s for when I win the lottery. Shame I don’t play.

      • Aww!

        I have a few silver fillings, although my new dentist is a fan of composite fillings so all my new ones are natural looking. The silver ones never bothered me aesthetically though. I grew up thinking that’s what teeth were supposed to look like, haha. (I don’t have -that- many fillings, but still.) But yeah, for me it was the fantasy that I’d wake up and ALL my dental issues would be taken care of, bam. And that is exactly what happened. Only, in real life, I had to get myself to the office first. Xanax was a big help.

        I would like better than I have too, but all in all I have to be pretty pleased. Once I got my issues under control it became a lot easier to take care of my mouth and not have to worry. And I’m lucky in that I don’t have any physical inhibitions to reaching any of them for brushing/flossing. Good thing too since I’m terrified of the dentist. 😦

  5. I apparently have a small mouth too. Rather I woke up, mid wisdom tooth removal, hearing the surgeon saying something to the effect that my mouth was smaller on the inside than it look on the out. Now I wonder if that was a chubby girl slam at the time I just giggled, which got a surprised “You’re suppose to be out!”. That was when I first realized that drugs don’t always work on me like they should. The man had to cut into the roof of my mouth and shatter the tooth to get one of them out.


    I was miserable for about a week. Couldn’t use my pain pills because they made me have to remember to breath. Turns out if he’d told me to wait a few hours I would have been fine. I just sat on the couch with a ice pop in my hand crying. I was SO HUNGRY and just couldn’t eat. So while it was nice that it was done all at once, the afterwards might not have been as horrible.

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