Growing Thing


I ran into the house few minutes ago. “Come see! Come see! Better put on shoes, it’s damp out.”

Fabulous hubby, iDJ, didn’t stop for shoes but did grab his iPhone.

“It’s over here, in the corner, you probably won’t get a picture,” says I.

I showed him a gourd I’ve managed to grow. As he was taking a pic, I was blathering away about how I didn’t know if it was a pumpkin or a courgette (zucchini). I lose track of these things, he knows well. I also was telling him how I figured out how to stop gourds from rotting on the vine – it’s called blossom-end rot and if you just manage to keep an eye out for baby fruit after the bloom has faded, you can scrape off the mushy flower with a fingernail and voila! it doesn’t get all icky and decide to die. Hey, I had to Google that one, it was killin me to have a fruit and then, suddenly, a ball of mush.

It’s still small and unidentifiable – I’m guessing it’s a courgette based on two things – I think that’s what I planted there, and pumpkin usually comes from the vine rather than right at the heart of the plant.

Look at all the other female flower ready to bloom! I might have more, yet – and there is another small one at the back that you can’t see.

Wish me luck!

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    • I would so love to meet you, if and when I come to visit Socks. I don’t want to meet your talks-to-cheese, but I would LOVE to see your reaction to meeting mine! I think he would be hard-pressed to behave and not try to make you like his music, and I would also like to see him get that look of epiphany upon hearing music older than The Troubles. This written while listening to some rap group he adores… Sigh.

        • She’s in Walkersville, MD- wherever that is! We’ve been bandying about coming over next summer – see Socks & Co, meet a friend from NYC I’ve never met in person, and then go down to SC to see my sister. Not sure if we’ll try to fit Arkansas in there, that’s a lot of time on the road. But we’d be a night or two in your general neighbourhood. Much closer than now in any case!

  1. I’m not really good at gardening, even though I grew up in the country. But to me it definitely looks like a zucchini. The color and texture of the fruit, the shape and textures of leaves and stems. But I’ve never seen a pumpkin plant, so I cannot compare.

    Not sure why it took this shape though. As I remember, they normally have an elongated shape even when they are still small and fresh.

    Only time will tell what it is. Let us know by then.

    Lucky you can take care of your garden right now. Here at this time of the year, people are rushing to their garden to pick anything left before it freezes.

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