What I’m doing right now.


It’s warmish, and only a bit rainy, so I’m outside. Hubby brought home New Beer – new to him, and Ireland, anyway. I’ll eventually cover all the new beer I’ve tried lately, but as a warm up to writing a Socks post, I wanted to share the environment I’m writing in:

The birds are going mental all around me, and for a rarity there isn’t a car or building alarm going off. I hear cars going past, but no mowers, no tractors. Even the local cows and donkeys are settled tonight.

Wish I knew how to sample my background noise to share it with you all.

Mostly I’m glad to be out here and away from my loving hubby and his constant music – how bad am I – but the birdsong is so much more relaxing.

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    • Ah. Two more things to add to the list of what I miss about America! No crickets, no frogs, no cicadas – and never a thunderstorm. Sigh. All this rain, and rarely thunder or lightning. And even then just one peal/flash! How boring 🙂

      • i’m not a big fan of lawn-grass; i’m always the one ooohing and ahhhing over the clover and moss in the grass, while other folks are trying to poison it away! Your good grass is purty!

        • I have no hope whatsoever of removing the shamrock from the grass, and it doesn’t really bother me. The moss, however – that stuff has got to go. It’s lovely when green, but two hot dry days and you have a sharp brown carpet and no grass at all. And it harbours slugs.

  1. In the evening, we have frogs making ‘rabbit’-sounds here. Especially further into summer it gets really loud and a bit annoying.
    And that beer looks tasty!

    • It was really, really good beer! And I’m not usually a fan of wheat beer. Yum!

      My sister’s house of an evening is a cacophony of frogs and bugs – it really surprised my husband how loud it was!

      • I’m not a beer person. But so now and then I really enjoy a good glass of beer. 🙂

        It’s not really loud here yet, YET!
        Thank god we don’t have cicada’s here.

        • I like them! Do you watch The Walking Dead? It’s a bit of home to me, to hear the rise and fall of cicada sound 🙂

          I wouldn’t be a beer person if I didn’t have a chance at such variety! I never drank ‘hard’ liquor until I discovered rum is good. I don’t like whiskey, vodka makes me puke bile, and gin tastes like pine trees 🙂

          • Yes! I watch the Walking Dead! We have to download it to watch it tho. They don’t have it on tv here yet.
            I never hear Cicada-sounds, but some say the sound is annoying, some say it’s beautiful or something.

            I only like rum! We also have Beerenburg and Jenever. A typical Dutch hard liquor. 🙂 Perfect for cold winter nights.

            • Next time you watch it, listen to the background noise! It’s faked, but it’s cicadas. To me, it means long hot summer days and is a memory in sound. I might like your liquor, if you like it and also like rum! I’ve never had either one of those.

            • I will do that next time I watch the Walking Dead. 🙂

              Jenever and Berenburg are both really strong drinks. Most people mix them with soda or with beer.

  2. After a tasty sample of your beer, I could probably pronounce sham-roge correctly 🙂 You should have included a close up of your rainbow toes!

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