Random 3


About seven years ago, I noticed that I had one really, really, long arm hair.

I named it Harvey.

And Harvey was my friend until he disappeared one day.

I just noticed that he is back, if not quite as long as he was back then. Still, he’s near about two inches long – which is pretty impressive for a fine blonde hair.

I might be starting to understand why old men let their ear hairs grow.

Wonder if they name them.

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  1. I accidentally clicked on your blog on a link on someone’s page and now I think I may have to be here every day. Mine was Glinda but I was always terrified of The Wizard of Oz so I had to get rid of her.

    • Oh oh oh I really, really did ‘Bwah ha haw’ at this! Thanks for the mistake, I’m happy to have met you and to know I’m not alone in excessively long single arm hairs, or the naming thereof πŸ™‚ And it looks like you might have a Bengal?

      • You too! I’ve had a quick nose around and you’ve made me laugh too so a blogger well met, I think!
        I don’t have a Bengal – I have a big, cuddly, tabby moggy called Gizmo! I’m pretty sure he has Bengal in him though; the face, the spotty belly and the fact that he’s ALWAYS talking are a bit of a hint! What do you have? (Cats are my favourite topic of conversation…)

        • Best ‘tell’ I know of for Bengals is that their toe-pads are grey. Got the Bengal boy Spot and his Siamese brother Lokii, and there’s a dog here too (American Akita) but the cats of course and rightly get all the attention. Who is our mutual blogging friend? I’ve got loads of fantastic and funny cat people I follow. No one else with a hamster, though πŸ™‚ I don’t think…

          • Ooh, I didn’t know that. I’ve only met one pure Bengal and she was so busy giving headbutts that I didn’t look at her toes. Giz has very black toe-pads but I’m going to let him be 1/500th Bengal, just because :p Aww, what a lovely gang! There’s always room for a few dogs, as long as cats outnumber them!

            I’ve only been on WordPress a few days so not a mutual friend but Cats & Co posted and linked to you. I fail at computers and clicked you instead of the photo and here we are. Cat people are the best, I shall have to dig around for some more. We have multiple hamsters, much to Giz’s disgust!
            Sorry, I can’t seem to stop talking tonight…

  2. I once, after a medical procedure that could conceivably have caused a clot, got a little pitting edema and a sharp pain in my right groin. Since this could have been a common iliac vein clot, which is pretty hairy, I went and paced in a waiting room till a hospital technician could run a Doppler. No clot, just a cranky ovarian cyst. “About six centimeters?” “Yeah.” “Septated?” “Yep.” “That’s Rover — I’d know him anywhere.”

    The tech asked what I did for a living. I guess most people don’t remember the details of their previous radiology reports, much less name them.

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