Another Beastly Evening – and you can join in live!


Okay I don’t do this often: that is, promote my hubby’s DJ career. But tonight he’s got another special show that I think at least one of you might be interested in.

Tonight, in about an hour and a half, iDJ will be playing live on the Internet his Beastie Boys special in honour of MCA. Ever wonder where they got all those samples? DJ dcass knows and is sharing tonight. It won’t be all rap and hip hop, or whatever category the Boys fell into (I can’t even say for sure, not being the expert), I promise. It could be very interesting and even open your eyes to the wealth and range of music that the Beastie Boys appreciated and loved enough to use to create new music.

So here’s the info:

s o u l s h e n a n i g a n s
DJ set live on: Channel A Live Channel

this 10th May 2012
PST: 12-2pm EST: 3-5pm GMT: 8-10pm
“playing funkpunksoul’n’such”

This week: Nothing but Beastie Boys Samples in honor of MCA

If you visit, feel free to send him a message and tell him who sent ya! Thanks.

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