Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!


I don’t have much time, so I think I’ll save the ‘human sacrifice’ and ‘mass hysteria’ parts of this post for another day. I did have something that upset me -us- yesterday but I’m still having to think hard on it and amn’t ready to talk about it yet.

So I’m skipping right to the dogs and cats living together. Much more entertaining visually, in any case!

I can’t take credit for this one – iDJ took it with his ‘new’ iPhone 4S.

American Akita sleeping in the sun.jpg
Yes, she usually looks that depressed. She has issues. Even when getting to lie in the sunny spot at the top of the landing, and displacing the cats.

Bengal and Siamese cats in the sun.jpg
It was okay, just this once – because the boys also had sunshine in our room. All those little feet hanging off the side of the bed make me giggle. Hubby also took this one.

Siamese cat photo.jpg
Another day, with me behind the lens (and it shows). Lokii just looked so … melted. Hard to see his little face though, in all that sunshine.

cat in big dog bed.jpg
And this morning Spot took his revenge on Neko for hogging the sunshine. This is what greeted me this morning – I had to use iDJ’s phone as it has a flash and it was too dark for my iPad. Yes, I sleep with my ‘pad and he sleeps with his ‘phone. We are sad, sad, sad. If we weren’t so pathetic, however, you wouldn’t be seeing the cat yet again win over the dogeen.

Spot’s never done this before – he normally sleeps on me like a furry lead weight. I can only guess my mental agitation once again led to physical agitation and I elbowed him one too many times in my sleep, so he turned to His Dog for comfort.

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  1. aww this is so cute, especially the last one, LOL :))
    Your husband is really talented! I can’t believe those were taken with an iphone!

    I like the colours in your photo of Lokii, looks like mosaics.

    • I know! The latest iPhone has a great camera. As he says, the best camera is the one you have with you!
      I was a bit embarrassed about all the colours – I have no sense of style nor the finances for it, so my bedclothes are a mish-mash of things I’ve collected over the years. Socks bought me the sheets though – that’s why they are pretty cool!

    • Hahah! Okay we are for sure in a new world these days! I go allllll the way back to rotary phones with cords, and only one for the whole family. Now we can read oursleves to sleep with our phone and use it as an alarm clock!

      • I use my regular alarm clock as alarm in the mornings. And my phone is just a back up incase I fall asleep again. – which happens a lot. Because I never put my phone on snooze.
        One bad thing about keeping your phone with you while you go to sleep, is that sometimes people text you in the middle of the night. Hence the reason I got all the sounds off, vibration and anything, beside my alarm. Haha.

        But I admit, I sometimes miss those old skool phones.

          • We usually get out before the snooze alarm goes. But lately I just can’t get out of bed. Ugh, You know what I mean? Are you a morning-person?

            • I don’t know. I guess yes, even though I need a LOT of sleep! I like having the house to myself and always have. I forgot to set my alarm last night! It goes off at 7:10 – and I woke up at exactly 7:10 anyway. I just need time to wake up without having to talk to anyone 🙂

            • Pfft, I’m not a morning person at all. Tho, I also like the house for myself the morning.
              Oooh, that’s handy! You have an inner alarm. 8)

  2. I’m pretty impressed with my iPhone’s camera too. Although I carry a small normal camera with me in case something amazing needs to be caught.

    Our cats constantly steal the dogs bed and she will not kick them out unless we make her go to her bed.

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