Anniversary Flowers


I thought I’d post a quick one, of the flowers my hubby brought me on Saturday, for our seventh wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Anyone know what the big daisy-like ones are? I haven’t bothered to Google them yet, but am tending toward Gerber Daisies, without having any idea of what those really are… they are our favourites out of the bouquet.

They still look and smell good nearly a week later!

Please note I cut the stamens out of my lilies so they won’t drip pollen on the cats 🙂 The flowers themselves are well out of reach of Bad Cats.

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Immigrant American living in Ireland. Sarcastic, decrepit. Loads of interests: reading, plants, pets, food, art, writing, drinking, space, politics, feminism, quantum theory. Not 'girly' and not interested in being so.

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    • Thanks! It’s only Spot who feels the need to eat greenery. But these are safe on our mantle – its only about 8″ wide and covered in stuff so no room for him to attempt a perch. Neither of the boys are jumpers and knockers-down of things (I need more coffee, did that even make sense?) so I feel safe as long as the flowers don’t drop anything on the floor.

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