Socks has an Eggplant!


Holy big belly, Batman! An eggplant, already? Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Button was as small as a blueberry? This is getting out of hand.

Apparently Socks is starting to realise herself just how out of hand this big baby belly is going to get. She already has to sit down to put on her socks, and can’t wait for summer when she no longer has to bother. Self-pedicures are nearly out of the question, too. And she still has months to go! Ouch. She says she’s loving being pregnant – something I just cannot imagine.

Another thing I just cannot imagine dealing with is a phenomenon she’s calling baby brain. She’s put on her underwear backwards. She’s put the old newspaper away in the cupboard and the fresh rolls in the recycle bin. I’m sure there’s loads of other examples that she hasn’t told me! I thought ‘baby-brain’ was a myth, and actually I never heard the idea that pregnant women get scatterbrained until I moved to Ireland. I just assumed it was a symptom of not using contraception: after a half-dozen kids or so, who wouldn’t get a bit loopy? But no, apparently it can happen to a gal who is preggers for the first time and usually has everything under control. I would have trouble dealing with that myself; but as usual Socks deals with the new haphazardness of her thoughts with a laugh and a shrug. It won’t last forever, after all – why not laugh?

So, let’s see: last week Button was the size of a papaya. Or an ear of corn. Quote of the week: “if they can’t get their shit together…” I’m pretty fond of ‘eggplant.’ For one, it starts with an E, my favourite letter, and for two, I guessed it right all by myself!

On the physical growth front, I only have an update from two weeks ago. We didn’t have an Oirish Tirsday last week as MommaSocks was in town. But last week was kinda cool – Button is starting to create fat reserves, beginning what for most of us is a lifetime of wishing they would go away. She also has eyebrows and lashes now, but still has no pigment in her hair or skin. For another quote, “She looks like a little ghostie, or a white asparagus!”

The biggest news was that while MommaSocks was in town, she was able to attend an ultrasound scan and see Button herself. While I’m sure that was amazing for MommaSocks, the best part came when the technician snuck in a free 3-D scan as a surprise (they weren’t meant to do one so early, nor for free). Apparently there was loads of weepy happiness, but I won’t get the full story until tomorrow night…

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  1. Yay! My little ghostie has the cutest little face! She has my nose 🙂 I’m happy to pass that along as long as she gets Bear’s teeth, I have horrid ones. She was tapping my hand this morning. Just a polite little “Hey, do you mind not resting your arms on me, momma?” I’m OBVIOUSLY prego with happy ladies at the store asking “so, when are you due” and “do you know what you’re having”. I don’t mind as I’m usually a get in and out without talking to anyone kinda gal. Well I should add that I was wearing a tank top with broad horizontal stripes! Yep! That’s right ladies, the only time in my life that I can wrap those stripes round a big belly and smile about it. Why not? Yay for stripes *grin*

      • I’ll have to take a pic of me. Not right now though as hair and face are a MESS today (working on organizing papers at home does nothing for the looks). I bought two stipey tops, one in two tone greys and one black and white. I’ll wear the black and white tomorrow and snap a pic! Gotta have fun with it or else what’s the point? I can already see Button rolling her eyes.

  2. I’m afraid fried brain is a reality, though I don’t remembering it setting in until after the birth. Then I put it down to lack of sleep. All parents are old. There’s a reason for that. I tried to ignore being pregnant the first time, but the second time, it felt like putting on a pair of really comfy jeans – guess the body just gets used to it. Nature has to use her every ploy to make us reproduce, cos let’s face it, there ain’t no logic to the process! Still, it’s worth it when your children start asking you questions that you can’t answer, like why do crocodiles have to be warm and why do we have to stay alive…

      • I already thought she was big last time!
        And I really have huge respect for Socks. 🙂 For most pregnant woman really. I don’t really know why.

        • It’s hard! I don’t wanna do it, just because I could. I know she is always positive but I bet there are days she keeps to herself when she doesn’t want to get out of bed – and there will be more; if her lovely ankles swell, if she gets covered in ugly red stretch marks, if her back goes out… But, positivity is a wonderful thing!

          • I don’t want to do it either. It freaks me out too much. But the women who are pregnant, are doing a great job. 🙂
            I know a friend of mine was pregnant, and she wasn’t able to use the bycicle again, because it was hurting too much on her hips. But walking was a pain too, because she had swollen ankles. But she did not gave up!

            • You can’t give up, though – maybe that’s why I don’t want to do it! I’d like to be able to change my mind when it got too uncomfortable or scary – and that’s just not an option. Yes – near the end your hip bones actually get soft so they can spread apart – how terrifying!

            • Ooooouch, they do? Really?
              What about that if you lay on your stomach, you can pass out? Because all the weight of the baby is resting on your organs and stuff?

            • I couldn’t say about that one – I would think, with a living, moving lump the size of an eggplant, there’s no way you’d ever even TRY to lie on your stomach!

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