Rubbish photos


I had a day full of reading and sunshine – in between clouds and one hail-shower. Eventually we decided we’d go out to the pub for the second half of the rugby – it was a draw, yawn – but I had a good time taking pics out in the schmokin’ area. When no one else was looking, of course. Inebriated sports fans would never understand why I’d want to take pictures of this:



I’ve a few in colour but…somehow these are the best.

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  1. Well the pics are definitely rubbish and so was the rugby!! Being a Brit living in France I, of course, support France – who, of course, should have won! But love your grungy photos anyway!

    • Haha! Being Irish the rule is, Anyone But England! I’ve always tried to take pics in that place, but never had the Hipstamatic app before. I think this is what I was trying to do all along… Thanks!

  2. For some reason I’ve always been attracted to Black and White photos. I think you are able to concentrate on the subject/mood/composition etc. when the color is stripped away. I LOVE these pics. I think you might have the beginnings of a series here. Love how you are remaining so creative and doing fun little things all the time. You keep me going through my “busy” time 😉 Sadly I feel it’s going to be a solid year before I’m settled back into any sort of routine with time to create. Keep it up babe. You inspire the masses!

    • Thanks! David actually said he had a hart time taking b&w shots, and said I did a better job than he could. Aww! I’ll try to be Socks-by-proxy and come up with some creative schtuff now n again for ye!

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