If you drop it, they will come.


I was vacuuming upstairs last night, and I got hot, as you do. So when I came back down, I took off one of my two shirts – we keep it cool in the house – and put it right where I knew it would attract the cats. It didn’t take long before Spot found it, and Lokii as always was right behind, muscling in on his brother’s comfy place.


The boxes are full of holiday decorations. They need to go up to the attic. Or at least go upstairs on the landing, and out of my living room…but in the meantime, a warm sweatshirt on a high place is kitty-heaven!

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    • Ah-ha! You know what I’m on about! I had to…I used to do the whole house but now I have a 9-5 to cannot. Hubby won’t use the small vac head so if I want ‘detail’ cleaning I have to do it my damn self..,

  1. Too funny and so true. One of Cleo’s favorite spots is when I pull the laundry out of the dryer and toss it on the bed… clean, cat-hair-free clothes make the best bed.

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