Happy end of 2011!


We found a New Year’s hat for Neko, to make up for her not having a Santa hat…


She put up with it quite well. Party on, Neeks!

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      • Speaking of euros, how goes the anticipation of starting a JOB?!

        I just worked 3 days in a row at my old job and am more determined than ever to get my concrete and mosaics business running and making me a ton o’ cash!

          • It’s good to have $$ flowing in — gives a little breathing room. I hope to hear how things go for you at the new job.

            I’m visiting my Mom today, but tomorrow I will get back to the workshop. Have had a refreshing break from the intensity of creating, but now I’m very ready to go back!

            It’s comin’ on 2012 in your part of the world. A happy year to you with lots of wonderful surprises!


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