Embarrassing family pet portraits….


Hahaha, well, we did our best and have some pics of very unhappy cats in very warm Santa outfits.

I totally am in awe of you cat owners who can and have convinced your kitties that wearing clothing is acceptable. Spot doesn’t mind the coat, but hates the hat. Lokii hates both, but doesn’t try to take them off. He’s not smart enough to realise he can take them off. So, he blames the dog for his misery.

She doesn’t mind wearing clothes! So do we have anything at all for her? Of course not. And she sat in front of the tree and waited patiently there for every shot we took. Without even being asked to. Ignoring the screams of protest from Lokii. She surprises me sometimes…

So anyhow, here’s the shot of the family, complete with tacky faded oval border for maximum cheesiness.

20111224-192627Siamese cat photo.jpg

And even though it’s just me and Lokes in this shot, I love it. iDJ and Spot are cut out as Spottie Pants was a blur of ‘get this thing off meeee!’


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        • His beardie is a bit red, but he’s a blonde! He mucked around with the color in photoshop. Silly boy, now I’ll have to tell him he turned himself ginger! Yes, Lokii did NOT want to be involved. He’s made of Velcro at times like this, but is usually very good about not hurting us.

            • Bwah haw haw ! Yes, he’s known for photo tweaking, to his detritment this time! He just said ‘oh it’s only 3!’ to me… Skbfdphvogg! I only hope my iPad remembers that as a real word as I’m sure I’ll use it again tomorrow. We are a bit gangster – if one can be heavy metal and one Manchester soul. Guess which is which!

  1. Fantastic post! It’s great to see you guys! You are beautiful, Spiders!
    I laughed so much at the way the dog stares at Lokii, as if asking what the problem is, why he’s so unhappy.

    • As, thanks! Yes, poor dog was ever so good, and Lokii was aiming all his hate at her! I felt bad: Lokii was asleep under the blanket and I woke him up and immediately made him unhappy. I’d be in a bad mood, too!

  2. Wanted to post a picture of Lucy in her Santa hat but I didn’t think the Internet was ready for such astounding and totally unanticipated creativity. I wonder: is there any way to measure or count how many pictures of dogs and cats in Santa hats that went out on the web today? I’ll bet Google can’t even count ’em…
    Merry Christmas and Erin Go Bragh! ( Did I say that correctly?)

  3. Yay, Santa hats for almost the whole family – maybe puppy will get one next year? And the kitties have Santa suits too, not just hats. Very cool, even if they disagree with me. 😉

  4. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one that struggles with pics. Thank Dog for digital cameras, so you never have to see the number of shots that get deleted. 🙂

    • Hi there! I went to your place, and I’m still wiping away tears of laughter – lovely to meet you! Yes, of course being silly & having fun wins every time, doesn’t it? Even if the wee furry ones hold a grudge for the next hour…

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