I’ve lived up to my American heritage and eaten so much that I am in pain. I never do this… ow. I need to go to bed and suffer in a prone position.

Ps, Hubby loved the pie so much he ate a third of one. I’m starting to understand why people say he has an American accent…

Ow, ow ow.

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  1. You crack me up! I have, over the course of the last two days, eaten almost two pumpkin pies by myself. People won’t let me leave my dessert with them – so what am I to do but take it home and have a piece for breakfast and lunch? I adore pumpkin pie. And this is my season for it, so I’m going with the urges. But tomorrow! I get serious again about dieting!

    • Does that mean I have two days to indulge, too? 🙂 I tell ya, I hurt for nearly two hours. I don’t want to do that again! We didn’t wait long enough between turkey and pie, because the hubby was desperate for the pie. You could see my stomach sticking out over my pot belly. Groan…

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