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    • That’s very interesting. Is it a certain range that doesn’t work for you? F’r’instance, I love opera, but the usual soprano lead vocals are not my favorite, but give me a mezzo-soprano with those lower tones and I’m happy!

  1. Sorry, I had crap happening yesterday that has sort of ruined my happy mood. Not to be obscure, but I’m too embarrassed and pissed off to talk about it.
    No, I don’t bother with links usually, sorry! Tori never sounds the same twice, but Under the Pink, Little Earthquakes, and Boys for Pele are my favorites, especially the last one. I love signing along, and she is hard to try to copy! Great range, fabulous voice. She’s a bit crazy; I usually can’t tell what she’s talking about. One song is called God and is rather snarky toward the ‘big man.’

    • I’m sorry about the rotten day. I hope something happens today to even things out and let you find your hilarity again.

      Thanks for recommendations. I went on over to Amazon and had a listen–lovely voice!

    • hope you are good today! if it’s any consolation i had a pathetic attempt at the weekend..nothing achieved apart from going to the pub and getting rat-arsed last night.. then just as i came in (around midnight) a poor unfortunate woman i know from the river rang me and had to listen to me slurring down the phone for an hour..upon waking this morning i discovered i’d forgotten to switch the tumble dryer on! so school uniforms were dripping..so we all threw a sicky and now i am riddled with self loathing & guilt :/
      oh well, tomorrow is another day

      • Ugh – but I bet the girls didn’t mind a bit. Yes, Socks told me he was twittering away about it to you. Joy. I think I’ll tell my funny story, it might make me feel better. I’m not talking about his ‘thing’ on here.

    • I adore Tori. Or rather her first 4 albums. Once she got happy her music went down a little. But good for her for that time of happiness. I always loved singing her stuff, but can’t get that close. Her voice is just amazing.

      Don’t even get me started on her in concert.

      • Agree totally. She was better when she was bitter. I drop down an octave usually – I can do the high range, but I have to be loud and as I don’t let anyone hear me, that’s not much fun unless I’m in the car by myself 🙂

        I didn’t want to scare anyone off by mentioning how she plays the piano 🙂

        • You’d almost have to be dead not to be slightly turned on by her… posture while playing. 🙂

          A lot of art needs unhappiness to make it grow. Everything being fine just doesn’t make a great song. I can almost go full range with Kwix, I know he’s heard it but I’m still timid. He and Bec use to hover around the sewing room listening. LOL!

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