The ‘Flu’ has struck…


I’ve had the weird head pain since last Thursday. It’s not as painful as it was at first, but still feels strange. My nose isn’t bloody any more, at least.

So, of course, last night iDJ starts getting a sore throat and a headache. Cue the constant mentioning of how bad he feels. Yes, dear. This morning he woke me up to ask what he should do, because he still didn’t feel good. Um, okay… go to work, or go to the doctor, or go to the pharmacy and ask them if there’s some disease around the town. He chose option three, and added in not going to work. He now has a lozenge for his throat and some over the counter ‘4 Flu’ pills.

Because the cold remedy has the name ‘flu’ in the name, it means he has The Flu. Not a cold, not a sore throat and a headache: The Flu.


Every time he feels a little poorly, it’s The Flu. It drives me crazy. He’s not had influenza the whole time I’ve known him, officially. But he has The Flu every time he has a stuffy nose, of course. Bad enough to take off from work… while I have my back appointment with the hospital today, and have to pick up dog food.

Good thing I just have a week of strange pain and pressure in my head! If I had The Flu, the dog would starve and my spine would degenerate some more. Whew.

Okay that’s me done complaining. I’ve got things to do…

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