Grey horse


I promised Usyaka’s ‘mom’ Alexandra that I’d draw a horse for her today. Here he is! Looks a bit cranky, but if you know horses, you know they get that way sometimes.

He is 100% out of my head, like Purple Cat yesterday. I really like him and think he looks a bit like a woodcut, even though I didn’t realise I was doing it at the time.


I think I’m going to do something big, for me, and I have all of you lovely people to thank. There’s an opportunity for me to have a free booth next month at an Irish Open Fair where I can set up and maybe sell a few portraits, perhaps take a freelance logo or illustration job, or even offer my copy editing services. I never would have considered this without the support I’ve found here. Thank you all, a thousand times. The confidence you’ve given me is worth more than gold can buy (even at these crazy rates)!

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  1. I love him, I love him, I love him!

    He’s perfect! He should be on the wall and people would look and look at it because he’s perfect! It’s amazing because there are just several lines, but they are all perfect and together they compose a perfect horse!

    Thank you so much!!!

    You know, exactly this moment reminded me of the Little Prince story. Do you know the book? The narrator was drawing pictures for the Little Prince.

    I already added the horse to my offline journal 😀

    You know that you are mentioned in my tomorrow’s post? I already scheduled it and it’s a total coincidence that it will come after this post of yours 🙂 The topic is something we talked about, but there will not be a great drawing from me to you, unfortunately 🙂

    So, about this Open Fair, you are going, right? I was thinking about something like that when I saw your purple cat. I mean you ARE so talented and I was thinking what a cool thing that would be if you showed your work to many other people too, because I believe they can be very interested.

    You have your own style and it’s genuine. It doesn’t look like a copy or a mask for something. It just IS there, very natural and very honest. For me the most amazing thing is that you do it with so few lines! It’s like Hemingway who says so much with just few simple words.

    • Oo, me in your blog? That’ll be fun!
      I like Mr Horse too, he was a laugh to create and as always, I learned new things.
      I can’t remember the little prince, sorry – it wasn’t a book we owned as kids. I sort of remember an animated film, but that is it.
      Yes, I think I will go. I’m a little nervous about the idea, but my husband is very supportive so I know he’ll help. That’s very good, he normally talks me out of any entreprenurial ideas! Even if I don’t sell a thing, the act of going and trying will help me do it again another time 🙂

  2. …Also, there’s a group here in the North for freelance copywriters. Can send you the details. May be worth checking, as they network, swap opportunities as far as I know. Might even be a southern counterpart. Word to the wise, would avoid the swearing and blashpheming with the organiser though 😉

    • I don’t know if I would want to write copy, but editing would appeal. I’m happy to correct a mess but not keen on creating it. My writing is very personal to me at the moment and I can’t imagine using it to explain how to assemble flat pack furniture. 🙂
      Ha, I wouldn’t even recognize blasphemy, whoops. Must find a lid to keep on myself when I get a job!

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