Pics of the rescued kitten


We got a wee doohickey that means I can now connect the SD card from our ‘real camera’ to the iPad for direct upload. Previously, if I wanted a pic from that camera I had to upload to one of the laptops and email it to myself (not happening), or wait for iDJ to do it and steal the pics from his FB page. Now that I’m in control, I’ll probably be out of control and you’ll be seeing more photographic posts. Sorry if they are boring.

I’ve uploaded a ton of pics to the iPad now, and the first ones I’d like to share are of the kitten I found, rescued and delivered to the Mayo SPCA last month.


These are the only two pictures I have of him. He was so filthy, but had cleaned himself by morning. He looked a lot better, but was still stained brown on his nose and paws. I wonder if he found a home.

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    • I was walking the enormous dog and he was in the bushes beside the church – we always cut through the church parking lot to get into town faster. He was calling for help so loudly, even with a huge dog a few feet away. I knew I couldn’t leave him, feral tomcats and loose dogs are rampant in my small town and he wouldn’t have made it through the night because he was bringing all the predators straight to him and he was too small to know the danger. It got really cold that night, too. Wish I could have kept him.

    • I know, it was a very hard decision. I saved his life, I’m responsible for it. But the dog is expensive and has health issues, the cats are on special food, my health isn’t the best, I have no job, hubby is on three weeks on one week off at work… we just don’t have the resources for another cat. Nor do we have room for a third litter box.

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