A month old…


I believe this thang is a month old today. I’m too lazy to scroll through the 74 posts I’ve put up since I started! I never thought blogging could be so addictive, or so much fun. I certainly didn’t think I would be so prolific – and I’m nowhere near to being out of things to babble about!

Today has seen my most hits ever, thanks to Jimmie Chew and the loyal band of followers he has. Thank you, everyone, for visiting! I’d be happy to try to draw things for others, just ask. I’m not brilliant, but who doesn’t love their kitty, pup, or even their own lovely face hand-drawn? Well, finger-drawn 🙂

Now, I have to go and write another Socks update!


(that’s a cake. that is also what I draw like without a photo!)

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  1. Congrats! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for five years now. Gosh, that makes me feel old.

    I also saw your drawing of Usyaka – absolutely stunning! You’re brilliant, whatever you say.

    • I can’t believe I didn’t ever think of blogging until now. Sheesh, my cultural learning curve when I first moved here probably would have made a book in the US. Oh well!
      Thank you, again – you are all just too wonderful. It is hard to think of these as work when it is so fun! Usyaka was soooo gorgeous, I begged for the chance to draw her. Today, I’ve seen so many beautiful cats on so many blogs, I’m overwhelmed!

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