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WTF is this?


I took these shots through my driver’s side window while rocketing down the road to home at 100kph. I’m pretty impressed with the camera on this iPhone, as I had no chance to hold the phone steady or even really look at what I was taking pics of – too dangerous on this narrow, twisty, bumpy road.

I thought that this was just a very odd cloud formation, but then thought that perhaps there was a fire?

My dad thought it might be a ‘footcloud’ – a precursor to a tornado! We just don’t get them around here, though. And it is so close…

A friend who is a pilot said if it wasn’t smoke, it was a ‘massive CB buildup – twister territory!’
The sun was setting on the other side of the car, my left. Cloudy over there, with no sunbeams coming over to light this up. You can see that it’s pretty dark. The part coming up from the ground looks a bit yellowish, too – but it’s done nothing but rain for months so it wasn’t a bog fire. It did rain pretty hard about an hour or so later, but the winds were normal for this time of year.

Any ideas?