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Tennessee Ernie Ford, Sixteen Tons.

This one is all your fault, Sled. I’ve been waiting on this song to show up.

Quite irritating, too. Not the song, I like it, but the way it started playing.
I woke up, looked at the time, decided it was late enough and I should get up. I did a back-pain inventory and realised I was lying a little crooked, and hoped I hadn’t messed myself up for the day. I put my knees up to do my back strengthening exercise, and then remembered that I’d had really interesting, long dreams, the ones that are more like movies with proper plots. I love those, so I tried to recall the last one…and it was like watching someone drop the needle on the record. “No, you cannot watch a brain-film in bed! You must listen to ‘you load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt’…” Arrrgh.

Earworm OTD