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Lokii is Nine Today


I don’t have many pictures of Lokii when he was tiny! We met and picked him out at the breeder (a woman who had both parents in the house, a house like ours, and we met them both). He was soooo tiny. 

He still has that bewildered look most of the time, bless his little black socks.

The most recent picture I have of him that does not include his little brother. Love him to bits. Happy Birthday, my now old man who we still call The Kitten. 

Lokii is four today!


Today is little Lokii’s fourth birthday! So here’s some baby photos of him.

In June 2008, we went to the breeder to pick a kitten out of the five she had. Two were boys, and I wanted a boy. One in particular was more adventurous than his siblings and I picked him. He’s so tiny! Fits in the palm of my hand.

That’s him front and centre, being brave and curious and getting closest to the strange skritchy noise I was making on the cushions.
Of course he was still too young to take home – we had to wait until August! But I was glad we found our boy and I was excited to be having a Siamese coming back into my life soon.

A terrible photo the breeder emailed us a few weeks later! Crazy bat-eared kitty.

First day home cuddling with his new Daddy! So small! He’s always been a bit of a daddy’s boy, too.


Small enough to fit in a 8-pack beer box! Yes, I drink this crap on occasion.

Playing in the paper that had covered a care package from Socks 🙂

All giant nose and big ears back then, and already evidencing his typical, slightly-bewildered expression. He’s a bit goofy and not very mechanical, for a Siamese, but I loves the little guy to bits.