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The winter that wasn’t


I’ve not been spending much time outdoors of late. The job means I leave and return in the dark, or near enough. The constant rain keeps me in on the weekends, too.

Today, however, there have been little glimmers of sunshine now and again. So I got outside and cleaned up here and there – swept up chunks of moss that flew from the roof, picked up dog poo. I also took the last remaining branches off our Christmas tree, and hauled the trunk outside to saw into fireplace sized chunks. Then I swept again, which at first made me feel stupid for having to do it twice, but then I realised there was just as much new moss as there was before I had swept at all.

It’s sunny and dry, it doesn’t mean there is no wind!

Chores out of the way, I had a little walkabout to see what, if anything, was growing. What a surprise to see this out front:

Snowdrops! Of course, they are one of the earliest to show their heads in spring. But the last time I looked, there wasn’t even any greenery, much less flowers!

Also out front:

My scraggly tulips are well on their way. These are at least 8in (20cm) high already. Not good, really – I think it is way too soon for this much leaf. Hope it doesn’t frost or snow.

I got these for free two autumns ago:

Daffodils. I really don’t care for them that much, but hey, they were free and I just stuck them in the grass in the swampiest part of the back garden.

The big surprise, however, was finding this:

A rosebud, in January? Oh dear. The weather is certainly unusual this year!