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I apparently have new technology


iDJ got the new iPhone so he’s setting up his old one to be my new phone. I’m not terribly interested in the technical aspects, but I’m getting to hear the step by step process as he does everything out loud. I also have to provide passwords on occasion. I got nuttin to hide, but he’s a good man and respects my privacy. I am a bit surprised that he’d rather set my new (old, I suppose: it is the 3GS) phone up for me than play with his truly new one. Aww. I will miss my old iPhone (first generation, and one of the first dozen ever used, ahem, illegally in Ireland). I never wanted it but it became an essential. Damn you, smart technology!

Yuck, I’ve seen the word ‘phone’ too many times now, it has become gibberish. Also, I can’t see or type phone without mentally making it ‘phone – because it is an abbreviation. Thanks, mom!