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More Dead Birds – Bullfinch


My best mate at work shouted for me to come see something. 

He’s the same lad that calls me to come see all of the big spiders, weird bugs, and my last dead bird: the stunning kingfisher.

It’s nice when someone knows your interests. Or it might be because he likes it when I pick them up and gross out all the other guys. I have to admit, I find that amusing, too. 

This time it was a bullfinch.  
Oddly enough, this one was in nearly the same spot (outside one of our big roll-up doors) as Mr Kingfisher. I don’t get it. Yet again there was no sign of a broken neck or any other injury or illness.

Poor wee thing. I knew it was a finch, from the beak, but had to bring him home for a positive identification.

Such stunning colours. This is a male, by the bright plumage, and adult by size. I can’t imagine why these birds are dying right outside of our warehouse. We don’t create any heat or chemical output, and even if we did have windows (we do not) their necks aren’t broken.

There is even evidence on his beak of a recent feeding. I’m baffled as to what is killing these birds, and why. He’s still a beauty – it could again be old age but twice in a few months? Seems odd.