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Not So Prim and Proper


I got a present! And it was totally unexpected. A lot of times people say they will do something, and you don’t actually expect them to follow through.

Well! On the ol’ FB, I admired a friend’s photo of a flower I’d never seen before. It was gorgeous and I had to know what it was. 

She told me it was a primula zebra blue. She said she’d drop one around to me – and the very next day I found this lovely sitting by my front door!

Isn’t it stunning? I admit I had to play with the colours – it looked purple in the original picture and it is NOT purple at all. 

I’ve never seen a primrose that wasn’t growing wild, and they are never this colour. Sure doesn’t look anything like the ones I dug up from beside the abandoned railroad tracks last year. I wasn’t even sure that it was a primrose, but made a good guess.

Here is her photo, that got me so excited.

I’m in love!