Stupid Thing(s) You Have Done


I was going really fast on my bike as a kid. Decided that if I lifted my foot up and slammed it back down, I would go faster!

Missed the pedal entirely, went right off the side of the bike at super fast speed.

I now have road rash scars on my shoulder, hip, and likely under my hair on my head (Gonna shave it all off one day, I promise, just to see).

Even worse, one of my mom’s friends saw me come off and insisted on driving me home and my hip bled all over her brand new car’s blue fabric seat, turning it purple. I was mortified.

Tell me your stupidity! Crazy sunburn? Cooking accident? Driving whoops? I need a laugh so go on!

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  1. Umm… sewing at super fast speed, trying to get a very long seam on a piece of white fabric done. Misjudged and sewed quite a lot of my left index finger to the (no longer white) fabric. Had to sit there and wait for help as I was trapped with the needle in my finger, the fabric and finger wedged under the machine, alone in the house…. I no longer sew at the toppest top speed and I’m a lot more respectful of my sewing machines these days; treat them wrong and they’re badass bitey bastards.

  2. So many! Getting car stuck on tiny amount of snow; cycling along tow-path fell not in River but in huge nettle patch with only shorts and t shorts on; couple of times have gone up to complete strangers thinking they were someone i knew and started conversations with them realising shortly afterwards i didnt know them! That’s just a few!
    How are you both?

  3. Got a guy’s name tattooed on my back. I knew it was stupid so I asked my tattoo artist to make sure it would be easy enough to cover when the relationship eventually went south. And it did.

  4. You may recall I highlighted my history of poor decisions in a post about a year ago. At that time, you mentioned you weren’t the clumsy one…”but Himself has to wear a steel glove to use a knife.” Perhaps you are starting to mirror the behavior of the “Man Of Steel.”

    • Ha! To be fair my story is from when I was 8 or 9? And yes, he still cannot be trusted with sharp things. I will walk into walls as if I don’t realise they are there, but I’d not call that dumb. More a lack of understanding the size of my own body! Now that sounds very strange out loud…

  5. Hey spiders!! I’m sorry it sounds like you’ve hit a rough patch!!

    Your dumb thing reminds me of one of my dumbest things; I decided to push my gear lever to neutral while my ancient car was coasting down hill and I managed to slap it into reverse. The sound was like nothing I have ever heard and the car behaved like a giant had stomped it into the ground. I survived the embarrassment, but the car died a short time later.

    A collector came a towed it away for free, which was better luck than I deserved as a car killer!!

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