Lumi Cutie


It’s been pretty rough here lately, hence me not being around much. I need to post something fun to cheer me up, and what better than my kitten/no longer kitten Lumi?

Christmas Cat!

He climbed in here behind my back, it’s a sack for firewood.

He has a skull on his shoulders!

Still loves his ‘brother’ Lokii.

And loves his ‘daddy’, too.

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  1. What a wonderful grand beautiful cat. I admire how the two cats get along. Ours are not so friendly with each other. Hope everything gets better from you both soon. Hugs

  2. And that’s exactly why cats keep us around – they know sometimes they are the only things to brighten a day …and they kinda enjoy that even if they won’t admit it. (Whoa he is big now – what a beauty. RC Cat is enchanted)
    2017 was a horrid year. Hoping we’ve turned the corner…Chinese New Year is on Feb 16th. I’m going to celebrate that one, too – just for luck.

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